Saturday, June 27, 2009

When You Feel Lost.......

The unexpected demise of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett certainly took us all by surprise. But that is the
reality of life. When it's time to go we go no matter how rich and famous you are.

Alfatihah for Mikail (MJ) and May You Rest in Peace for Farrah.

It's a sobering reminder to all of us that no matter how rich and popular you are, our exit from this world can be so sudden and cold. Mikail, like Elvis Presley and even Marilyn Monroe, seemed to be at a loss towards the end of his life. But Mikail did not cause his own demise, for he was a Muslim and Islam forbids such a thing. In fact Islam calls on all who feel lost in life to rediscover the meaning of life through its teachings. I'm sure Mikail has done just that but unfortunately his time was up.

Yes, we all feel lost sometimes for the world can be so crazy. But you won't think of forcing your way out of this world if you've to present yourself before Allah five times in a day and night. You always have a date to catch up with.

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psycheupp said... mak..abah...n my fav singer MJ. RIP