Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reward for Reporting Bribes….

 Finally, Government has come to realise that people who report a bribe must be rewarded for their honesty. Civil servants, specifically. Politicians don't take bribes. Only donations and commissions on huge sales and purchases. Those are allowed, unless received by those who have no political licence (or liaision?).The reward suggested is equal to the amount of the bribe. Boy, that's a lot. There will surely be a great number of bribe hunters around…like bounty hunters or seekers.
a new profession?
In the last few weeks civil servants have really become the focus of MACC's attention in Malaysia. Hundred millions of bribe money have been uncovered. One wonders how long have the civil servants involved been accepting bribes without being noticed by their seniors or juniors. Did they do it alone or did they have a number of accomplices? Both upstairs, downstair and around? When they are caught with bundles of money stashed somewhere in their homes, are they being hauled up alone or are those connected with the accumulation of the loot being hauled up too?
hidden loot at home?
The fact that no senior supervisors, especially political bosses, are picked up for questioning and being charged together with those involved, raises a lot of questions. The superiors with political licence (or liaison?) are likely to escape the dragnet. But whose without can certainly become a good source of information if they refuse to spill the beans. It's often that a thief is the best source of information on another thief. So, offering a reward for spilling the beans could be more like offering a bribe to uncover a bribe.

Hell, that brings us back to the question: what is a bribe. Can a reward be a bribe. If so many of us could be guilty of receiving it. Getting paid for something we don't work for is also not a good definition for a bribe since many people don't really slog for the money they earn. You must work your ass for the money you earn is also not an acceptable definition for a reward. The thieves work hard and dangerously for their rewards. The worst kind of thieves are those who have a political licence to protect them.
who's behind the mask?
Just think about that. We might also want to bribe the thieves to catch other thieves, particularly with a political licence of liaison.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017 - the games kids play.

So here we are in 2017. Didn't think I'd see it since I was born before the middle of the twentieth century. I feel so old and outdated now. So much has changed since I was a kid that I can hardly remember how things were then. Main question is whether they are happier now then we were back then.

My kids used to ask me how I spent time then since there was no handphone, no i pad, no computer games, no electrical toys, battery operated bicycles and kiddy cars and…no colour television. It must be terribly boring, they say. And when I said, "No, we enjoyed ourselves just as much if not more than you all," they just laughed in disbelief.
modern games
Let me ask the old men of today whether they agree with me.The games we played were simple using whatever furniture, pieces of sticks or cardboards, old household utensils such as a paper bag, a discarded tin can or bottle….anything at all. Matchbox, cigarette box, rubber band etc all had their use. When there was nothing to play with we just play games among ourselves such as "catch me if you can", hopscotch, hide-and-seek and so on. The fun was as great as the characters involved and their idiosyncrasies. The main feature of our fun and games was that it involves a group, at least two people.
war with magic wands
That's the big difference now. Kids play alone with their electronic gadgetries except at parties. And when they play together without adult supervision they quarrel and fight.Even the electronic games most popular and can be played together involved competition and serous fighting. The weapons used in the games can kill enemies like flies. There's no kindness, mercy and respect for life and limbs invoked or nurtured in the hearts of the players…
killing and destroying is fun
I wonder whether the world of today which is full of wars, fightings, killings, inhuman atrocities, destruction of life and limbs, cruelties and gruesome competition or abject hypocrisies, is the result of the games that kids play. Just look at the nature of the toys designed and produced by our manufacturers. Even most of the cartoon characters loved by the children of today cary an evil or sinister background as presented by the films they came from.

I shudder to think how the kids who had wiped out thousands of adversaries in their games, without betting an eye, will grow up to be. They might just kill off an enemy, be it a family member, a neighbour or a stranger without any compunction.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….

Christmas and 2017 are just around the corner. Despite all the problems that Malaysia faced, Malaysians appear to be living comfortably and happy. The smiles that we see on the faces of leaders currently embroiled in political disputes, allegations of corruption and misuse of power,dragging the country to the brink of bankruptcy and disaster etc., seem to become more radiant than before.
smile, everything's ok.
Look at the cars and the traffic jams on the road. People thronging the supermarkets, the shopping malls, the banks, the business centres and the fun houses. One cannot detect any sign of impending disaster,social disharmony or economic collapse as suggested by the "prophets of doom"in Mlaysia. In fact, as of now, people seem to be preparing to celebrate Christmas and usher in the new year.

In contrast the news from some other parts of the world seem most tragic such as the fightings and the killing in Syria,Afghanistan, the Palestine, Jordan, and the gruesome work of the terrorists in Germany, Switzerland etc. The senseless killings and horrors committed by the terrorists and extremists seemed to be intensified with the coming of the festive season.
destruction and disaster
Some human beings seemed to have lost their sense of value on human lives. Of course the suicide bombers and killers have lost any sense of value of themselves, that they were created by God to do something good on earth and not become messengers of death. Certainly God Himself knows who must be exterminated on this earth when the time comes, and no man can impose that punishment on men without due process of the law. And the sooner human laws follow the prescriptions of the Creator, the better. Are we deviating too far from those prescriptions? - I wonder.
the end will surely come
Whatever the world has become, life must go on. All that we can hope for the new year is that our leaders will realise they are still human beings no matter how powerful they are, that God can strike them down at any moment if they go too far (like all despotic leaders in the past), and that they will be judged by future generation whether to be honoured or otherwise while
God will decide whether they go to Hell of Heaven. Remember that you're just a human being like us all, with all the weaknesses and frailties endowed us beside the qualities that make you a leader.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bravo MACC…..

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ia now really doing its work. Everyday new cases of corruption or abuse of power have been uncovered involving hundreds of million of ringgit stashed away by corrupted officials in various government agencies over many years. Interestingly, even the heads or even the political bosses of such agencies had no idea of the corrupt activities going on under their nose.
reality is often hard to believe
Can you believe that?

More interestingly, no political bosses had been discovered, investigated, brought to Court, found guilty of corruption or misuse of power and put behind bars. With two prominent exceptions as in the case of two former Selangor Chief Ministers. ( No need to mention names). All allegations ESPECIALLY INVOLVING THE BIGWIGS OF THE RULING PARTY, after a quick investigation, often end ass baseless. It looks as if all Malaysian politicians in the government are entirely clean. Only the civil servants and members of the opposition parties are the culprits.
bravo MACC
Although a few political leaders had been convicted of corruption in a court of law in the past or found guilty of money politics. ( i.e.. using money to buy votes), the latter is not considered a serious crime. The leaders involved are still venerated and placed in high offices, controlling billions of ringgit. It's as if we believe that thieves make the best money spinners for the agencies they control. Question is: money for whom?

It's amazing that Malaysia had been classified by some mainstream media of the outside world as a number one corrupt nation .Its leader, venerated by his supporters, is frequently and repeatedly accused of kleptocracy. Of course a party leader in a democratic country today can seek and acquire billions of cash as donations. Who can question from where and how or how much is spent? He is always protected by some Official Secret Acts. And his loyal supporters will always vouch for his integrity, or loose their jobs.
Democracy has been defined as a system of rule by the majority. But what is the majority really? Of votes cast by the people in a general election? What happens when only supporters of a party turn out to vote while non-supporters or the undecided refuse to vote because of alleged rigging, too frustrated with the candidates offered, or even threatened by the existing regime that unless they are returned to power there will be chaos and bloodshed in the country. Thus the supporters will put back their leaders into power, although they form only a minority of the population - thus creating an oligarchy in a democratic garb.
big nose but smells nothing
So, MACC. Do not let the full-force and timely crackdown on errant civil servants leave the political and administrative bosses of all government agencies involved or suspected to be involved, get away with the "I-know-nothing-abiout-it" excuse. The political or administrative bosses who don't know about corruption or misuse of power going on under their nose, must have their nose examined. And democratic leaders. Please don't allow a democracy to become an oligarchy by scaring or threatening the majority that there'll be chaos and catastrophe if the party in power, supported by loyal members whose number form a minority of the population,looses the next general election.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

An Ode to aTroubled World

(to the unexpected victor of power)

As in a tensed crowd
a child's prank can break the tension
so can a clown in a heated convention
for the unexpected is a cure for sure
at times when our nerves are shattered or sore.

Never a day in our life today
do the clouds keep smiling away
without news of human skirmish and bloody battle
killing people like chicken and cattle
without any conscience or fear of God's Oracle.

The fight for earth's room and human right
never has an end in sight
for our vision by desire prolonged
will never fizzle out until our minds go blank
and you disappear from the human rank.
Yes we fight in the name of country and people
upholding our faith and sacred principles
so do our 'enemies' if you care to think
for they must also live the way they like
and what business do you have to cause a break?

Let there be respect for human existence
no matter what colour, race, or religion
for the moment you raise a hand to stop an alleged threat
you yourself become a nasty dread
no matter how good the intention you had.

Do you think your help is ever appreciated
when what you take is more than any debt
and can your life be richer by intruding on others
to satisfy your ego and puff up you feathers
hence enjoy your good fortune and wealth
so that God may forgive your stealth.

Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Unexpected President of USA

Many in the US and throughout the world are shocked by Donald Trump's victory in the Presidential election. During the campaign he has been branded with so many insulting terms such as 'a know-nothing about politics and foreign policy,crude and harsh, has no respect for women, lies about almost everything etc. etc. Yet he won, winning over States that are known to be Democrats stronghold such as Pennsylvania. The US and world media are abuzz as regard to why he won although he was called a 'washout" by some.
the debate
There is now a wild protest movement in the US, rejecting or expressing anger at his victory. But what's the use? The people have voted for him to be President rather than Hillary. You can only remove him from the White House later on,if he proves to be incapable of running the country.
the protestmore protest
Meanwhile we in the developing countries can only express our amazement at the turn of event. Who are we to pass judgement on the Americans' choice for a President. What he said during the campaign can only be a provocation and a postulation to win votes. If he had said many nasty and offensive things in the campaign, that indeed was what the Americans liked to hear and so voted for him.
What we in the developing world can do is just state our hopes for what he will do, based on his election taglines. He wants to stop terrorism. So do we and it's not true that Islam or the Muslims support terrorism. He wants to do away with corruption. So do we, and very much so in Malaysia. He wants to stop immigrants from taking away the jobs in the US, deport them if necessary. So do we in Malaysia but thousands of foreign workers are pouring in. He doesn't want America soldiers to die fighting in foreign lands. Good. Take them all back to the US and let us fight our own enemies. He doesn't want foreign countries to market their products in the US.Good. Let the developing countries trade among themselves. He doesn't want Palestine to exist. He is not God and should only stop Israel or assisting Israel from transgressing into Arab's territory.

He wants America to be completely Americans as in the olden days. Good. Don't export the materialistic and capitalistic American culture that corrupts the values of the eastern world. It would nice to see the Hilly Billy and Amish culture in the US again. They are very nice people really.
the president elect
Maybe the so-called third or developing world can do better without the intrusion of the Western Cult as championed by the US.We don't really like the modern cowboys and their rustling activities. We don't want shooting-from-the-hips habit that Americans taught us. So, if Trump can "cleans" America and let the rest of the world handle their own problems without trying to become the world policemen, maybe the world will become a better place to live in.

So, hail to the new elected President of the United States. Use the country's wealth more for development rather than financing wars in foreign countries, curtail the activities of the CIA and all foreign intervention, maybe we can have more peace in this world, even if we're not half as rich as the US.