Monday, August 22, 2016

The Olympians, salute.

The 2016 Olympics is over and it proved that in the field of sports all nations in the world,big and small, can produce champions. We salute you all champions of the world. You are better heroes than those who fought in wars and killed people to prove their prowess. While you are decorated with Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze, they should be awarded "The Reapers"
medal of horror and deaths.can you pierce the heart of an enemy at the Game?

Who will God punish on Judgement Day? The killers or those who order them to destroy and kill?

While the Olympic Games were going on the Reaper Warriors continue to do their killing in many of the war-torn countries,
directed by the warlords from WITHIN the country or from OUTSIDE.Women and children are killed and tortured without mercy or any sign of remorse by people who consider themselves well-educated and cultured.They seemed to forget that one day they are going to face the Reaper too, like those whose order they are complying strong is your kick?

Please Mr. Reaper. Cut them to pieces bit by bit like they tortured their victim and let the world hear their cries for mercy.

If all the so-called soldiers and mercenaries, including the self-styled "jihadies" and suicide bombers, ever stop to think of God, and stop killing people for whatever reason and only capture the law-breakers to face proper justice at a fair trial, the bloodshed in the world will certainly cease. Just refuse to kill and the war will end. For as long as they are willing to pull the trigger or push the button of doom as ordered by their masters like unthinking dogs, the wars in the world will continue. Indeed the excuse for waging a war on others is endless for human beings are never satisfied with what the Lord gives them.see whose head is stronger

We should indeed have more Olympic Games or Mini Olympics at national, regional and world level, where champions in all fields of sports, including war-games that don't kill people, and individual prowess at using all kinds of weapons can be contested. The old ways of settling dispute by having your champion fight for you to decide the winner in the dispute is a good way of stopping all wars.

Wars should be banned and all warlords put on trial by a world court of justice- yes, the International Court of Justice is acceptable with representatives from all independent nations. Have we really learnt enough from the Olympics and the Olympians?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Malaysia achieves fame…..

Who doesn't know Malaysia today. It's already world famous for having a PM who's most controversial and yet most loveable and good-looking. His reputation varies from being a magnanimous giver of cash hand-outs to low-income people with his BRIM packages, to a kleptomaniac
on a national scale.We're talking billions of ringgit here, not stealing tinned food from a supermarket or a towel from a hotel.

Malaysia is famous for a PM who had no reason to steal from the nation's wealth for he comes from a wealthy family, born with the so-called 'golden spoon in his mouth', a man who would return
a RM2.6 billion donation to the donor, less only a few million ringgit. That's honesty and moral uprihgtness as uprightness can ever be.
luxury jet for official use
or pleasure

But, as they say, wealth is never enough. The more you have the more you want. Especially if you've a consort not used to unlimited wealth and glory, and a collector of priceless items in fashionable wears, gold and diamonds. Jet-setting around the world in luxury is also an unquenchable pleasure.
a luxury yacht
and a luxury smile
But hey, we're all human with the human weakness for glory, luxury, pomp and ceremony urging us on and hard to overcome.If the world is at your feet - at least a country- and you can call any shot you want for you've enough subservients and servants to execute your wishes, surely you don't want to become a recluse, live in a palace and let the world go by.

Malaysia is famous and will soon become a developed nation by 2020. People seem to be living in luxury too, at least those who count. There are still many poor people but all of them hidden behind the array of wealthy politicians, not businessmen.If the country owes a lot of money in national debts,we've a lot of assets to pay for them. Let's live up to our fame, like our political leaders.Of course, some feel that the fame is a shame for no PM in the world has been called by so many names - from a Chief to a you-know-what.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Post Aidil Fitri Reflection

I spent a whole week in my kampung this Hariraya, spending a few days before and a few days after the eid mubarak. My house is near the mosque and with a good PA system in use all the time I heard almost everything that happened in the house of Allah, even when busy in the bathroom.I did, however, attend most of the prayers, quran recitals lectures by various ustazs and tahlil (other recitals and homage to Allah).

But I must admit that I could not follow all the ibadah (prayers, recitals,lectures, tahlil etc) performed by the villagers. I've ghouts and other joint problems that prevented me from walking to and from the mosques effortlessly. Nonetheless, I was amazed at how the villagers could accommodate all the religious activities to fill the nights and mornings of the last 10 days of fasting, as taught by the Prophet PBUH. Even the Suraus and Mosques in my residential area do not do as much, They break their fast with a light refreshment, perform the Maghrib prayer, followed by a lecture, then perform the Tarawih followed by a quran reading session. They finished at about 10.30 pm.,starting the morning sessions at 4 am and ending it at 7.30.thus leaving about 4 to 5 hours for sleep.

And the mosque was almost always full. There were of course more elderly and old people than the young ones. But the dedication shown is just amazing.If all villagers in the country were as dedicated to their work and responsibilities in the daytime as they were at night during the fasting month, I think the productivity of the nation will double in no time at all.

What bothers me is whether the villagers can absorb the cermahs and khutbahs that seem to be endless. Certainly not many really understand the prayers and lengthy do'a delivered in Arabic by the various Ustazs invited to lead the ibadah sessions.I could see that some villagers actually dozed off during the talks. It was clear to me that the formality of the sessions was more reverred than the content.But they stayed in the mosque till late night and late morning very patiently.

It's a real experience which I had missed living in KL and balk kampung only two or three three days for the most. I wonder if some of the older citizens of KL had tried staying a longer period in the village especially in the month of Ramadhan. It could be very enlightening.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

upcoming by-election in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar

Everyone says the disunity among the opposition will give victory to BN. That's logical thinking. But I'm not too sure that people will vote logically. BN's logic has shown too many illogical decisions and unethical manoeuvring. Money politics is in full swing under the nose of the authorities concerned with stamping out corruption.
a village in Sg Besar
When money is king, the subjects are all money-hungry. Feed them and they follow your "telunjuk".But, as the saying goes: you can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink.
Especially when there are three of four pitchers to drink from and no one can see you making your choice.
voters' family
The wise voters know that they can take and enjoy all the goodies that are handed to them before the election or even at the election site, butthey can still chose the candidate they they trust the most, not to give out goodies just before an election but to promote their interest over a period of time."Sorong papan tarik papan bush keranji dalam perahu, suruh makan says makan suruh undi itu hak auk." Apa yang diberi itu pun bukan dari pocket Pakcik tapi pocket rakyat.
a village in Kuala Kangsar
Yes, we all want a free and democratic election, without money politics thrusted at our back like a sharp knife.The politics we see today will go on and and on if no radical change takes place.Question is: are we brave enough and ready to make that change? Give new hands a try. if it doesn't work we can switch back to the old hands.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Checking the Stage...

As expected I didn't get mush response (in fact no response at all) for my last entry. People are so hooked on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc no one reads the blog anymore unless its about current political issues,movie stars, humour, or keeping friends informed of ones latest exploit.
Ah well…..that's lfe. The purpose of the blog seems to be defeated by the SMS where one can just let off steam in whatever form you like (includes cursing, ranting and exchanging obscenities) without a care for the general readers. Blogs are too tedious and responsible for the message they carry. So few bloggers want to carry on, unless they have many sponsors.

So. I'll just try to put my current thoughts on life in Malaysia, for my one reflection. After the BN landslide victory in Sarawak State election, the opposition seems to be quite meek, or at least not as boisterous as before the election. Another two parliamentary seats are up for grab soon and the outcome will be another indication of how PRU14 will go- in fact how the future of politics in Malaysia will be.
Will it be more of the same (however you want to interpret it) or do we see some new development, however challenging it could be. Is money politics going to rule the country and the billionaire of Malaysia rule the day? Is GST going to be imposed on everything that we buy with the 10% service charge still in force for all services rendered?
With many form of subsidies being taken away, will we face another upsurge of price increases in the things that we buy and the services we need as an essential part of modern days living? Will the water and electricity rates, rentals, property taxes (cukai tanah and pintu), and the price of everyday foodstuff increase another fold?
It is said that our GNP per capita has gone up to USD15,000. There have been some salary increases
recently and a minimum wage has been set at RM1200.But with the increase in cost of living are people enjoying a better life? What about those who are earning their own living without any stable income, the farmers, the fishermen, and the roadside food and fruit sellers that are often being harassed by the authorities concerned. As far as I know only Negeri Sembilan are issuing food and fruit-stall licences FOC.

While we strive to be a developed nation, let's not forget the relatively poor, made relatively poorer by the increase in cost of living.Is BRIM able to bridge the income-expenditure of the relatively poor. Income concentration is increasing with the increase in the number of billionaires and millionaires in Malaysia.

Is this the future that we want?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Starting Again….

I've stopped blogging for a long time, preferring to write fiction in Bahasa. My friends don't seem to like reading heavy stuff on this page. The Facebook seems to be the better choice where you can be brief, joke around, be as cynical as you want, deliver a death blow, and smile with satisfaction. Well, the choice is yours of course.

But you can't run away from some serious reflections on life. Unless you prefer to be just laugh around at the distress and miseries of other people, join them only in their joy and laughter, and make fun of the happenings around you, especially with the antics of modern day politicians manipulating the life of the people they lead in the way they like. What can you do if the legitimate government decides to impose a tax on the air that you breathe? Or double the charge on drinking water since many rivers are now running dry?

Change the government? Ho, ho it's not that easy as you know it. You can howl and curse in the Facebook but the government must continue to govern as it thinks fit for your own good. After all the opinions expressed in the fb are just opinions, just meant for fun and laughter. If you take the comments in the fab seriously, you'll go crazy. But then again, life todays seems to be full of crazy things. All crazy things get full news coverage like all bizarre happenings. Cheating, deceiving, thefts, robberies, killings, murders, rapes, destructions etc are the stuff the make the news today. Anything else is humdrum.

But, thank God, there are still the ordinary people who lead an ordinary life in the world today. They live together happily with their family and neighbours, earn an honest living, accept the trials and tribulations of political infringements of their life like ordinary health hazards, and try to live in peace even when there are wars and killings around them.

These are some of the pics that attract my attention for now.Add caption
That's the aspect of life that makes me want to restart or revive this blog. Somehow or rather it's more difficult to see the beautiful aspects of life today than the sordid ones. That's the challenge I hope to take. Even if I've to look at the ludicrous aspects of life and people.