Saturday, September 26, 2015

the global village…..

Some time ago someone described the world as becoming a global village. Anything happening in one secluded area will soon be known elsewhere because news travel fast in a village. With all its exaggerations and embellishment. Especially so in the case of a scandal.

the public knows

I'm beginning to love reading about sex scandal more than that involving mega corruptions, stark misuse of power and public funds, threats and counter threats by and between powerful leaders, massive protest movement, racial enmity etc.etc.

The global village is now rife with stories of such scandals as spawned by the social media while the mainstream public media never print the truth about anything that can satisfy the curiosity of the people.

This little village called Malaysia seems to have been the source of many such scandals. And the global village is savouring them.

What has happened to this once progressive, stable and reputable country fast on the track of becoming a developed nation? A peaceful, multiracial village.

The push for material progress had, it seems, made everyone so greedy and intent on making it rich as quickly as possible. Those in position of power had made their quest for wealth so transparent that the unethical and or immoral moves involved cannot any longer be hidden from public attention and wrath.
Those in position of power are enjoying the glory of rapid development, becoming millionaires and billionaires by employing all the tricks of political manoeuvring, at public expense.

That's not entirely a new thing. It happened in all less developed countries that are progressing rapidly tafter gaining independence. The ruling elite that emerged after settling down to the job of developing the country soon felt that they have the right to sample the cream of progress achieved. and the sampling continues to become a right of way. The leaders can have the best of everything while the [ublic must work harder and harder to earn their keep and the new luxury they could now afford.

Make a complain and the reply is:

current and past leaders
 Hey you guys forget that we have given you the comfortable and even luxurious life that you now enjoy. Ain't that being ungrateful, thankless and rebellious? Just shut up and everything will be all right. Make a noise and we'll throw you in jail…..

Certainly the public doesn't mind if the leaders take what they can in a modest way and don't flaunt their newfound power and wealth. But some of them are living living like a new kind of feudal lords
with powerful servants doing their biddings. Their men are untouchable, could bend the rules and regulations as long as they are done in the interest of the lords, and are loyal to the core. It doesn't matter if they are a little dumb or have a few screws loose in their heads. They some time are more haughty than their lords.

one common allegation
That makes life in this village miserable. that is what the public is against. Some of the lords are okay but their lackeys are intolerable. And these lackeys go right down to the village level. Some village heads, of course picked by the lords, could literally do anything they want and divert rural development funds to serve their interests. The big lords in Kuala Lumpur wouldn't know and wouldn't bother to check what the smaller lords in the little villages are doing.

Thus, the disappointment, dissatisfaction and wrath of people in the little villages are not known or reported realistically. A report by any other than the lackeys will not be accepted anyway, nor given any attention.

Thus the little village known as Malaysia is becoming full of scandals as spread and devoured by the global village. Who is going to set the picture right by removing the cause(s) of the scandals?

Must we wait for the next GE to know the answer?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Poem for 58th Independence Day

( let's sit and ponder)

amidst the montage of wealth and modernisation
jammed up highways and luxurious condominiums
crowding the skyline,
a nation celebrates its 58th birthday
with pomp and ceremony, but nay
too many misgivings keep true joy and smiles away.

the national pride and honour is scathed
by allegations of bribes and corruption among leaders highly placed
involving billions of ringgit when petty infringements
of work ethics and regulations
are severely dealt with to deter emulation.

goodwill and camaraderie among racial groups
built up through decades of mutual respect and common interest
is shattered, by greedy pursuance of material wealth
and ethnic pride stirred up by political snide
breeding hatred and suspicions
among good and friendly citizens.

as economic downturn disturbed the world
prices of things shoot up and the value of the ringgit  plunges down
making meagre income a dole and the BRIM a frown
yet the rich and the leaders jet around in luxury
while the GST makes life for the common man a misery.

yes, the nation still progresses through momentum
with natural resources, agro-products and industries taking the lead
but tourism is sick with the flu from a bad image
while distrust of the current leadership adds to the damage
and urgent need for atonement is met with derision.

all citizens who loved this country must sit back and ponder
how this far we'd lived together in peace and prosper
the coalition government had before been wise and fair
giving us all what we have today and which  can be here to stay
if  we can remove the insulting haze that's causing the mess
and respect each other again
without the leaders that's causing the pain.

September 1,2015