Friday, July 31, 2015

Unanswered Questions..

I found this draft for my blog dated April 8, 2015. It was not completed and I stopped blogging for there was no response from the public.


From the day MH370 disappeared into thin air, the people of Malaysia had been asking a lot of questions which remained unanswered to this day. The questions keep piling up wit the Barisanh every new tragedy that rocked this country. The shooting down of MH315, the crash of an Air Asia flight, the resurrection of the Altunya case, the sentencing of the PKR de facto leader to a five year imprisoment for sodomy, the detention of several opposition MPs for participation in an illegal assembly and the recent hellicopter tragedy which killed six people, all generated a lot of questions which had not been satisfactorily been answered by goverment.

The information teleased by government on these matters had not satisfied the public. The public want to know more about what actually happened….