Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kong Xi Fa Chai

It's more than a month since I made my last posting on this blog. I'm wondering whether to continue with it or not since I don't get any response from visitors to this site and I have other avenues for putting my thoughts across to those who like reading something more thoughtful than the exchanges in the Facebook. But since tonight is NCY's eve, IO might as well greet the Chinese friends who still remember me Kong Xi Fa Chai.

Hey, here at my place I don't seem to hear much firework like before.Why so? Is it because the cost of patrol has gone down quite a lot and people have decided to travel home to their places of origin no matter how far they are from KL? Is it because we've quite a long holiday if one can take leave on Friday as well? Or is it because the budget cut in the country due to a loss of revenue from oil, is affecting the mood of people to spend, especially on fireworks which incidentally is prohibited by law (but not by the people!)
more fun to watch than firecrackers
Whatever the reason is, it sure is quiet CNY"s eve over here in Taman Malawati. I don't see any sign of fireworks also over the hills where the city sprawl is. No big fireworks lighting up the sky or the earsplitting bursts of firecrackers. It doesn't even sound like a CNY tonight…

Why or why? Is it because the spiritual leader of a well-respected member of PAKATAN ( The Opposition Coalition) ie. Datuk Guru Nik Aziz, has passed away a few days ago? He certainly commanded a wide popular respect from even the non-Muslims in the country due to his low-key, unassuming political leadership in the country.
the Guru and the late Karpal Singh

Or is it because the high-profile and most articulate de facto leader of PAKATAN, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has gone to goal to serve a five year sentence for SUAAH, commonly termed as sodomy. I don't want to say what SUAAH means or I'll be screwed up by the law. The case has perhaps made Malaysia world famous because of the number of high-level judges and prominent lawyers involved in battling over it. No crime has been debated that long as far as I remember.Even now the papers have not stopped publishing views and opinions about it, as if it's one of the most important issues in Malaysian politics.
back behind bars

No. Even the problem with the economy as a result of the drop in oil prices, does not seem to bother people much.Not as much as the question of 1MDB debts or the amount of money spent on overseas' engagement and trips by the National Leaders and their wives, anyway. Perhaps people do not as yet feel the effect of substantial budget cuts in the Ministries and Departments. WAit until they see the shrinkage in the service contracts and funds issued by the government agencies.Even holding expensive conferences and seminars in luxury hotels and distant holiday resorts might stop, thus effecting the hotel, transport and catering industries.

Well, in the spirit of the Chinese New Year, we hope the economy will remain as strong and resilient as is predicted by the leaders and their experts. In the villages I see people beginning to be interested in growing their own vegetables, opening or reopening up their fish ponds to ensure a steady supply of food proteins, and enjoying the simple rural life of old rather than throwing away their "ringgit" in the cities and towns. Is that a sign of a sagging economy or what? Let the experts tell us. Meanwhile, have a happy and prosperous CNY.