Saturday, June 20, 2009

Human Desire and the Law of Nature.

What made me coin such a mouthful title for this post, is really a simple truth: that nothing is permanent in this world and everything changes. Yet human beings, including the religious people and ulamaks for whom the only eternal thing in the world is God, often talk about things in absolute and permanent terms. They want everlasting peace, everlasting partnership and marriage, everlasting happiness, everlasting prosperity etc.

Can there be anything at all that lasts for ever? The concern about and the search for a formula to bring political stability and
unity in the country, to me. seems to revolve around this ideal of permanency, this illusive mirage. Politics by nature is dynamic, everchanging and adaptable to the needs of time. Coalition is formed to win an election, to get a majority to form a government, to allow opposing factions to call a truce ( a temporary peace), and to join forces to achieve an overidingly important goal among many others.

So, is a desire for BN and PAS to form a united front any stranger or more difficult than for PAS to join hands with DAP amd PKR? It has done so once before and broke up when the need was no longer felt. BN has always been courted and later rejected without causing any fatal injury. What is more serious is its own loss of character and honour due to the betrayal of trust within the component parties themselves. A good coalition is when the strength of all component parties can be synergized with the centrifugal force holding stronger than the centripetal force. A bad one is where the agenda of each component member is stronger than the common goal which made them join up in the first place.

Even marriages and blood relationships break up when persoanal or individual interests override the common goals. So isn't it
foolish to expect political coalition to last forever? If necessity is the mother of invention, common political aspiration and goal is the father of a political coalition. Don't expect it to last forever and don't panic when a breakup occurs. That's the law of nature.

And nature will prevail so long as human beings don't revolt against nature itself. Does that make any sense at all? It's also part of human nature to talk without much sense as do those who oppose political coalition among what appears to be irreconcilable foes. As the saying goes: ikan di laut asam di darat, dalam periok mungkin sepakat.

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