Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reviewing Our Priorities

Although our shrinking economy is the no. 1 issue of the country today, other issues seem to be distracting attention and stirring up a lot of emotions.

UMNO is certainly obsessed with the problem or regaining lost ( or fading) glory and trust of the public.

The more vociferous expression of extremist's and communal demands has become more diturbing and embarassing as expressed by Tun Dr. M in his blog (June 2)). Tun Dr M seemed fed up with the extremists' ranting, as if forgetting that he too was once labelled as an extremist which later made him the most distinguished PM in Malaysia.
Within party bickerings and power struggle seem to plague many of the BN components.

The teaching of Science and Mathematics in English which remains a contentious issue in our education policy, is now augmented by the suggestion to limit the subjects that can be taken by students for the SPM. Why? So that they don't acquire too many As which complicates the process of awarding scholarships. ( This sounds ironical. We should let the students earn their As but select the best only in the subjects that they offer for further studies when considering scholarship awards.)

On top of all these we have the perrenial problems of delays in project implementation ( up to 80%), sky-rocketiing project costs due to possible fraud( the PKFTZ involves RM12.5bil.), buildings that collapse due to shoddy work, rising crime rates with
greater sophistications and heinousness, the unveiling of more tragic cases of poverty and social neglect, injustice, etc.etc.

With a new PM and a new cabinet of Ministers, the public is expecting quick action with more justice: justice that's not only done but seen to be done.

This last factor is the most pressing. There had been a change in government and old hands found wanting in performance or
suspected of abusing power or funds, or unable to retain the trust of the public, had been removed from the cabinet or the frontline team of decision makers. But some remain in the frontline or even placed in a more pronounced key position. This is the worst example of justice NOT SEEN TO BE DONE.

There's no need to qoute names for they are very obvious. Is this the BN/UMNO way of taking public oponion seriously, of putting the rakyat first, of trying to regain the public trust, of soothing frayed emotions and proving that the attitude of
BN/UMNO leaders has changed? When officers in the public services who have failed in certain areas of work are pushed upstairs, the government and the public will frown. But what happens when some elected Wakil Rakyat continued to be placed in postions of leadership when their leadership had been seriously questioned or clearly rejected through the poll.

Is this an indication that BN/UMNO is running short of capable and trustworthy people? The habit of top leadership letting responsible Ministers deal with certain problems in which they have been part of the cause, and not taking over the problem for quick action and resolution, is really most disappointing. I don't think BN/UMNO will regain lost trust and confidence in that way.

Put a leader that the public does not anymore trust to solve a problem and the solution will be rejected even before it's put
to the trial.

With all the problems that we face now, government just have to reprioritize the public's concern. First in the list must be in regard to keeping prices down, putting more money in people's pocket and doing everything to boost up local business so that domestic trade and industries will boom in spite of global recession. Let business in the country mushroom and prosper at whatever cost. Reduce all forms of impediments and restrictions. When all the shops and supermarkets in the country are buzzing with business, we don't have to bother too much about what happens outside the country. Let our local factories
work overtime to supply all that is needed by the Malaysians, and where possible send out some as export. Meanwhile we should try to maintain the current flow of our export products. Where we have to cut back, the excess capacity in our factories should be used to produce goods for local consumption to meet induced demand.

Rev up the consumption and production machine in the country and we will be all right.

Make Malaysians feel rich and happy and BN/UMNO will swing back to its former glory. But all superrich UMNO and BN Wakil Rakyat should not flaunt their wealth but spend it to make the economy regain its vigour. It's when the rich and wealthy in this country are keeping their wealth in the banks and living on the interests earned and not using the wealth to generate more economic activities that recession will set in.


rambomadonna said...

Dear Norzah, sometimes it is sad to see that many good and capable leaders whom we might know or befriended prefer to take the back seat and let the leadership be taken by opportunists. Simple example is people like you, me and someone we know by the name of Zaitun (hehehehe)... just joking.

On a serious note, I want to see the political instability to be resolved soon as this will deter foreign investments, raise further market speculation and drop our goverment performance ranking (again).

About limiting students getting A's. Hmm I have a slightly different view. Well it gives two indicators, either more and more people are getting smarter or our marking system need to be reviewed. I still prefer the agregate system like our time though as we will know exactly how good that student is.

I am never a serious thinker but after reading ur blog malu pulak I akan tahap pengetahuan I hehehe

norzah said...

Jaime, tq for the response. Can't help smiling when you said "I am not a serious thinker.." for to write about everyday things and make them interesting requires a lot of thoughts. If you go into politics the public will simply love your easy and soothing style, with a wonderful touch of humour. But politics can change people, from angels to monsters and demons.
So jaga-jaga, no! Keep blogging the way you do and you'll make this world a happier place to live in, irrrespective of the political climate.