Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Joins the Troubled States

The number of nations in the world today rocked by internal bickerings and unrest keeps increasing. Some, of course, have a reputation of always being so but not drawing much interest among the superpowers. Others get the superpowers all excited because of many reasons best known to them, but quite easily deduced by the rest of the world.

The troubles in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq have raged on for many years with full committment from the superpowers especially the US. The reasons for their involvement are well known. Trouble in North Korea would be of particular interest because of the county's determination to develop its nuclear power. The troubles in the Middle East are, of course, dragging on since they are endemic in the foreign policy of the superpowers themselves.

Now, Iran has erupted with the same kind of problem that could divide the people. The superpowers especially the United States, seem to be terribly excited about it for Iran too is very adamant in its persuit of nuclear power. It has many times been threatened with war by the US if the nuclear pursuit is not dropped. Would the trouble that has cropped up give the US a chance to interfere in the name of human, peace, freedom, justyice etc. etc.? We have to wait and see although the US under Obama is different from what it was under Bush and the President has said that there shall be no interference. But " Whasington wants a tough, direct dialogue with Tehran."

The security forces and the police in Iran seem to be doing their best to contain the uprising.They seem quite reluctant to use brutal strength and force on the public but nothing short of that seem to work. The threat of bloodshed and anarchy will certainly be most inviting for some parties to come in as a savior. Hopefully the trouble has not been subtly induced to trigger such invitation by some clendestine groups opposed to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mir Hossein and Anayatollah
Ali Khaameni should see to iot that the protest against the result of the election be reviewed according to the law.

The quick and stringent action of the police to quell the rowdy protest now turning bloody, should be a reminder to other
protest prone countries. When things get out of control we have to rely on the police in spite of the many criticisms levelled at them. We in Malaysia are often rather tough on them, calling them all sorts of names. But when public safety is threatened the police is the best friend that you can have. Let's give them a thumb up once in a while and say 'thank you' that the rowdy protests in Malaysia including the wild scuffles in the Perak State Assembly and in Parliament, had all been brought under control promptly by our Police.

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