Thursday, June 25, 2009

PTD Pensioners

Since retiring from the service and becoming a blogger, I've surfed the internet to check on other retired civil servants who have taken on to blogging. Especially those who had been my peers or seniors in the PTD ( Diplomatic and Administrative service).

So far I found none, allowing for the possibility that they're hiding behind some pseudonyms.They do not seem to follow the retired politicians and especially the scribes and journalists. These people never actually retire, of course. They just change the arena for the pursuance of their activities.

What happened to the retired PTDs? Of course some are still working, filling in key posts in the private sector or in the GRCs. I've seen some becoming highly paid Public Relations men. They're the ones who had utilized their contacts and PR acumen well before retiring. Others seem to just disappear from the scene, not even surfacing on the website. That also goes for senior government personnel in the other services who have so much useful experience to share with the younger bloggers.

Many national problems and issues our political leaders are grappling with today would be well-known to the retired officers. If they could come up with some of their views, a lot of the backgrounds to the problems would be unveiled to make the search for their solutions much easier. If retired politicians and journalists could come out openly with their views, why are the ex-PTDs and other senior civil servants afraid to do so? Some of them had been very outspoken when they were in the service - people like Tan Sri Arshad Ayub, Tan Sri Ahmad Nordin, Tan Sri Othman Rizal etc.etc. Even very outspoken senior members of the Judiciary who have long retired like Tan Sri Salleh Abbas seem to be very silent now, after being compensated for the injustice suffered. Has life become so comfortable that they have nothing to complain

Or is the political situation in the country still too dicey to speak their mind out?


rambomadonna said...

Perhaps not wanting to be labelled as whistle blowers!

norzah said...

Jaime, we have so many political football games going on. We need more whistle blowers to check on the fouls.he he.