Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Culture of Negation, Materialism and Morality.

I have always wondered why the young people of today are so argumentative about anything at all, often very critical and always make a decision contrary to what their elders suggest. Some say this is due to their desire to exert their own self, ego and
the right to make up their own mind. Others say they just want to be daring, be different from the old folks, or show that they are more intelligent than their seniors who could very well be moving towards senility.

I suddenly realize that we live in the age of science and technology. We believe that every action has a reaction, every thesis has an antithesis, every pro has a con. It is the process of negation that brings out a new understanding of things, a new perspective or a new possibility and a ne solution to problems.  The youths of today are just adept at counter -arguing anything at all, examining the other side of the coin and conceptualizing new possibilities, even exploring the ludicrous. Isn't that good?

But what happens next is most important. Todays' world has also emphaisized  the importance of material returns for whatever we do, achieving  practical results, benefits and satisfaction from whatever decision ismade or action taken.. Anything that gives tangible results which can be translated into pfofits or benefits is good.

What is often not taken into consideration is the ethical and moral implications of a certain decision or action. When this is given a very low emphasis or not givern any consideration at all, the decision taken could be most unacceptable or even despicable. Ethical and moral considerations are nurtured through  age or a rather rigorous religious background. Hence only the older folks allow ethical and moral consideration to rule their decisions.
Worse, even the older folks may not do so anymore since the material and worldly returns and benefits from what they decide to do are given more importance than the intangible or spirutual consideration. This is to ensure that we can do well in a world where only the fittest will survive. So, can the older folks be angry or embarassed with the attitude of their young?      


rambomadonna said...

I learned a thing or two about not derhaka dengan mak bapak.

Dad told me not to paint the house until he returned from NZ, since he is the expert on painting a house. But I cannot wait so start engaging some friends to do the painting with minimum fees.

then few weeks later, the paint start peeling and leave patches here and there ...

tu lah akibat tak dengar cakap orang tua ... hehehe

norzah said...

Peribahasa org Melayu, Jaime,' tak dengar cakap org tua kalau tak patah tiek (cripple)'. But a good intention never constitutes 'derhaka'. Cuma technical fault yg buat the paint to peel and leave patches. I'm sure your dad had a good laugh too looking at the house in stiches. hoho.