Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So What's New?

How often do we end the day saying that nothing new happened - it's just a copy of yesterday. Nothing can be further away from the truth except that you have not really observed enough of what had transpired in the day.

Here're some questions to see if things were really the same:

Was there no change at all in some of your friend's and colleagues' faces, their smiles or sneers, their voice or laughter?

There could be a lot of small differences which you have not noticed. And behind them could be many wonderful stories. If you've not noticed them you miss the opportunity to hear and see what changes have taken place in their life.

Was there nothing different in what you feel about things happening around you?

How you feel about things happening around you is a clue as to what could have changed. Your feelings are very sensative to changes and they are reflected by your pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature and of course the gut feeling in your tummy. The changes that took place may be small and quite unnoticeable, but they could be the cue to something big and significant, in the process of evolving. Aren't those things more wonderful to observe than the final transition from what was to what is? Observe and you'll be surprised at the changes that occur but little noticed by people.

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