Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moral Code For Bloggers!

The blog site seems to be under siege due to some irresponsible bloggers. May I tender this little poem as a prelude to an exercise in self-censorship.

Moral Code For Bloggers

Let cyberspace be your passport
to mental freedom, self-expression and social rapport
but forget you're a mortal
and must relate to your portal

The happiness and wellbeing you desire
need to be shared with one another
with love and compassion
as a prerequisite for genuine concern
for your country, fellow citizens, kith and kin
who will share your thoughts, both good and mean

Ruffle not the fathers and the hairs
of the guardian eagles, the albatross and the bears
with rumors, wild allegation and slanders
creating hatred, misunderstanding and fears
for as Malaysians, We're all in the same boat
rock it and we'll end up in the moat
of Wild fire and self-destruction
like many other countries in the third world nation.

Norzah d JB

An Update:

Since posting the above poem more has been said about controlling or "filtering" the blogs. Tan Sri Muhammad Taib lodged a police report against Malaysia Today to stop "those angry with the government ( in trying) to kill a mosquito...end up burning the mosquito net." He's all for a strict censorship. Datuk Siva Subramaniam ( Sukom Commisioner) and Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam (TIM Prsident) are against it. Section 3(3) of the Multimedia Act guarantees a no-censorship policy while Section 233 governs improper use of the network facilities.

TS Raymon said ," It would be retrogressive to try and control the Internet." I'm sure many will agree with him. The Govenment should not over-react. But what about the irresponsible bloggers who misuse the freedom given to them? What do we do with them?

To me the answer is self-discipline and being sensitive to touchy issues in our multiracial nation.You can joke and make fun of things but NOT AT SOMEONE'S EXPENSE, especially the sacred symbols of our nationhood and national unity. Don't rock the boat, baby, or it wil be anchored to the safe waters of the shallow lakes. Venture to the open sea and you'll break a law somehow. Don't ruffle the feathers of the eagle or albatross, or the hairs of the mighty bears!

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