Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Who among you who drive haven't cursed or rant at other drivers on the street! Remember they have done the same towards you for misdemeanours you never intended. You think you're always right and the other driver is the fiend. Fact is both or you are RIGHT, if nothing happens. If you banged each other, then both are in the wrong.

Sometimes you like to be a very nice person on the road. You let people overtake you, let them pass through first at junctions,
smile and wave your hand at them to say, "Hello, I love you...." But before you could rejoice at your own sweet being, someone just cut across inches away from your front bumper or keep needling you for driving too slow. Why you may even get a sudden blow of the horn or a spotlight from your back, especially at night. An even kinder greeting would be " Get off the road, slowpoe!" or " Tak makan nasi ka?"

Certainly that would be enough to turn an angel into a road devil. You either give an upraised middle finger or curse the rascal
that turned your blood pressure on. You're then easily tempted to return the compliment to someone else for anything that they do on the road which doesn't please you. You become a steaming roastbeef or buffoon behind the wheel yourself.

So.......let's not loose our cool. Man. Let the other driver display his or her vile temper and peppery innards. Just say 'cheese' and drive away as if Paris Hilton is sitting in her bikinis by your side taking a lesson in good driving.

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