Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Happy Morning

Weekday mornings are often lost and unnoticed in the hurry to get to work. One seldom sees the morning on weekends since the bed often refuses to let one go (or maybe the wife for newlywed) and the idea of just lollong under the bedcover or comforter with one's eyes closed is just to tempting.

Have you, therefore, really seen the sun rises over the horizon and bursts into its full glory of colours and shards of brilliant hues? The artist's palate is a pale comparison to what can unfold before your eyes. It's mind shattering and soul sturring for those who can get fully awake at dawn, and not just get up and shut yourself in the bathroom emptying your bowel.

Yes, the sun may have to peek behind thick clouds or haze to get a glimpse of the world and you. But even that is interesting. Imagine the mighty sun having to shoo away the clouds and haze to let itself be seen and start its function to warm up the earth! And you're still slothering in bed or cursing around on a monday morning because you're late for office....

Heeey, how about a big smile at the window every morning to see the sun lights up the eastern sky and starts to bathe you in its fresh morning glory. Celebrate with the sun a new born day and a new package of surprises coming your way. Be it a package of joy. some unpleasant experiece or just another ordinary day, the sun is always there to share the day with you, even if it had to fight the rain and the thick black clouds.

He's your old and trusted friend from dawn to dusk, until the night takes you away with its own offerings.

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