Sunday, July 29, 2007

Multiracialism: the equation for peace & prosperity

Let's face the fact that Malaysia is a multiracial nation and cirtizens of every racial origin have contributed to its success and prosperity, so far. Change anything in the contributive equation and the outcome could also change.

What, therefore, is that contibutive equation (CE)? If, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Independence, you don't know and can't appreciate it, you're not, then, a part of that equation and must review your stand.

The equation is TRUST, GOODWILL, UNDERSTANDING and LOVE for country and people. All our great leaders in the past were oozing with those traits. The Tunku, Tun San Siew Sin, Tun Sambanthan etc, etc. were a fountain of such virtue. Even the indomitable and unimitable Dr Tan Chee Koon , a hardcore critic of the Government, unreservedly loved the country and people, and was loved by them as we do all our present leaders.

So long as we maintain the contibutive equation in terms of building up the economy and the principle of "redistribution with growth" ( redistributing the newfound wealth and never "repossessing" what has been acquired), Malaysia would continue to prosper. Rock the equation by questioning the principle that had worked this far and the outcome could be disasterous.

So don't rock the boat, baby! We're all sailing happily in it. Let's row and row together, if the new jet engine of development falters or fails, which it has not so far. If we can all emulate the frontier spirit of our founding fathers - the trust, goodwill, understanding and love for country and people which they have bequethed to us - no storm and thunderclouds on the political battlefield, can shake the confidence we have in the old equation for peace and prosperity. But let's not forget it in
forging our way to the forfront of development and progress.

A piece of wisdom from Confucious: help to push someone up a hill and you go up with him. Try to push him down and you might be pulled along or you go and he remains at the top. The second line is obviously not from the Sage.

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