Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Twirl

Saturday's supposed to be a rest day - laze around with a cold or hot cup of coffee ( your choice including the brand of coffee that you like)- reading something or just winking at the sky or ceiling. The choice of what to do is endless, of course. But not when a close friend and a relative are holding a wedding reception for their daughters. You've to dress up and go, taking a lot of time to plan the route you want to take when the venues of the of the wedding are far apart in KL and Shah Alam.

Akhi ( Arabic=my brother) Abdul Halimshah held a grand celebration at the Dewan Merak Kayangan, Felda Hq on the occasion of his daughter's wedding. My wife thought she knew the place but missed it first time and undertook a few road stunts (taking illegal shortcuts) to finally get to the spot.Yep, the place was already crowded when we arrived and the huge hall was packed. I met Akhi Kaykuala aka Hank at the entrance door in the flesh for the first time although we've been commenting on each other's blogs for quite a while. No time to take photographs, so I'll just post a profile pic of this wonderful friend. And of, course that of Akhi Abdul Halim shah or just Hal, the gentleman with the cap.

The wedding reception in the Merak Kayangan Hall was simply magnificient, Look at the crowd and the bridal stage far behind. A handphone cam cannot produce an HD crisp photo but can only capture the atmosphere, leaving the rest to your imagination. After the bersanding ceremony and the bridal feast. cutting the cake, etc ( I'm sure Hal will have a full album on the events), we file out of the Hall, met by the bride and groom at the entrance door. Some of the pics that I discreetly captured are shared here.

Everytime I tried to get a shot of the bride and groom - Nurul and Jalil -, someone strode up to the bride to give her a hug and a kiss. So, I had to do the best a can, discreetly, ending up with some blurry shots of them in the background with the bride's father displaying his happiness to me. Congratulations Akhi for gaining a son-in-law.

Even while enjoying the sumptious and scrumptious lunch, Datuk Annuar and me (we were at the same table) and our better halves, were thinking of the next place of call, the venue for the next wedding reception which we have to attend. Mine was in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam and we had to first fetch my father-in-law at Sungai penchala. There was no time to loose and after wishing the bride and groom well, we left the Hall. Just outside I met Tan Sri Gnanalingam. the West Port Chief, Hal and Hank's
classmate at RMC and a very humble but intrepid entrepreneur when I fist knew him. Although now a well-respected tycoon, his humble clothes ( plain shirt and pants) brought back to me some old memories when we worked for the late Tan Sri Dato Seri Mohamed Rahmat. But for the need to rush to our next venue, I'd have loved to talk about old times with him.

The ride to Sungai Pencala and then to Shah Alam was hectic, weaving through traffic jams and looking out for the usually omnipresent traffic petrol car. It was already 3.45 and the wedding reception was supposed to end at 4 pm. My wife was at the wheel and I strained my eyes trying to read the small signage, searching for the name of the roods and junctions that she rattled out to me reading from a map printed on the invitation card. That God we made it in time to have another light feast.,
bouffet style. Here I manages to get a shor of the bride and groom (see pic).

Back home on Taman Melawati, I thought the evening and night was free for me to nurse my aching feet. No chance. My wife had to be at the Matics where some kind of a nightfare was going on. My son Norzam, his wife Norfinaz and their daughter Hana Marissa were coming to our house. We waited for them, chat for a while, got into a car and made our way to the Matics.
That, at least, was the final leg of the Saturday twirl.

A poor substitute for the Saturday Night Fever but most meaningful and memorable.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
Akhi, you are just too prolific to keep pace with.Sure glad to have met you in person.I remember you were a regular TV presenter decades ago. I don't quite remember what programme was it.

At times you alternated with the late Ali Munawar and my buddy Datuk Zain Hamzah (I think so, but correct me)

Last Saturday, your kinsfolk turned out in full force. OP Zam (came alone as Faridah had to be at another), his brother Datuk Fathil and Mrs, Datin Fauziah (who acted as point lady for their civil service colleagues)and Datuk Dr Mansor and Mrs,Datin Rokiah. You met them? Incidentally Datuk Fathil said he followed our postings but as yet to post comments.

PS: Thanks for my image uploaded.

norzah said...

Unfortunately I came late and managed only to meet you and Datin Fauziah ( Fathil's wife) beside the host and hostess, of course. Didn't even see Zam and Datuk Mansor. At about 2.30 my wife and me had to rush elsewhere as
explained in the entry, which in fact was written before I went to bed. Hope your image which I edited from your blog is okay. I've also one of TS Gnanalingam but he might not like to be highlghted in a webblog. Dk Zain Hamzah was my classmate in Form VI at KGV. Small world right?

norzah said...

I think 2 lines are missing from my comment. My normal greeting (Dear Akhi Kk) and my comment that your memory is as fresh as the breeze and that everything you recollected was right on the nose. Some tech problem ate the lines away, hehehe.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
The image was good (more flattering if it was a younger me) Talking of images & tecnicalities, I wonder if it is feasible thru' FBook Wall communication ( rather than here) to discuss certain aspects? Tks.

norzah said...

Yes, certainly, Akhi. Just click on the questionmark to get to my facebook, My name in the fb is Nor Ghani.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Both u and Datin seemed to have quite a weekend. Racing frm one wedding to another. I use to avoid weddings and dreaded school holidays. People seems insensitive asking well meant question like "when is your wedding?" However, lately there are many weddings among younger family members and colleagues so have to attend. In my family, weddings means battle of the chefs ... Very interesting. Of course the matchmaking game. Semua promote saudara lah, anak lah or anak kepada anak kepada anak lah hehehe

At least, it is much much more exciting than going to funerals of older family members hehehehe

norzah said...

At least more exciting than going to funerals, is both sad dan funny, J. Yes certainly with all the gaiety and festive atmosphere, the big makan etc while funeral is so solemn,. But the responsibility involved seemed the same , J. To fail to go to a relative/friend's funeral is just as bad on your reputation as not going to a wedding. In an earlier entry I wrote about going to both on the same day, one in Kuala Pilah NS, the other in KL, the next day in JB. So, I wonder if being single is, after all, not too bad an idea (oooops)....or to stay single as long as you can hehehe...