Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Losing the Fight, Winning the Cheers....

For more than a week now the media is agog with condemnations, lamentations and protests over the MV Mavi Marmara and MV Rachel Corrie atrocities. While the purpose of the mission (to bring humanitarian supplies to the beleaguered Palestinians in the Gaza) is lost, the jeers and the cheers for action against the Zionists' iilegal and inhuman intervention seem to be gaining momentum and the peace activists who were manhandled but freed unscathed by Israel had returned home as national heroes. We thank Allah for their safe return but the whole episode appears more like a case of "Menang Sorak Kalah Sabung"or Winning the Cheers but Loosing the Fight in Cerita Pak Pandir.

The interview with Tun Dr Mahathir on TV3 last night (11pm, 9 June) gave little hope of seeing OIC taking any firm retaliatory action on Israel except to call on all countries which have diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime to severe such relationship. Muslim countries, he said amongst other things, have a very low profile in international forum and would not press for what they want while Israel has a very strong proxy, the US. He had said elsewhere that the Perdana Global Peace Organization (PGPO) will put up another mission. Turkey has also said the same and the PM avowed that he would be on board the flotilla himself to face the Israelis commandos. Iran would also send two aid ships to the Gaza probably escorted by the Iranian elite Revolutionary Guards.

Are we preparing for an armed confrontation with Israel on the high sea?

Very, very unlikely for Israel's military power and war arsenals are most superior with nuclear warheads and US' backing to top it all. So, are we asking for another highhanded intervention by the Israeli's commandos with perhaps more atrocities and deaths, so that the media will have another heyday and the politicians can play up to the gallery again?

The Israelis have said that they will never allow the ships to land in the Gaza. And we all know they really mean what they say as much as what they say is really mean.

How then can the Muslims of the world and also those who disagreed with what Israel is doing, send help to the beleaguered Palestinians in the Gaza? The only answer is that the ships carrying humanitarian supplies to the the Gaza must also carry something that would deter the commandos from attacking the ships. Alternatively, the peace activists must have something hidden somewhere, precious to the Israelis, with which to bargain for the right of passage to the Gaza. As today's world attests, only a low kick can stop a low blow. Until that something is found and procured, to be used as a trump card against any commando intervention, don't ever hope that the commandos will let them through. What is the 'thing'? Let the great thinkers and strategists in Government think about it. Failing to find an answer means that the Israelis can crack the nose and kick the butt of the peace activists again- not gun them down hopefully! - if and when they try to repeat their humanitarian stunt.

The Israelis with the staunch backing of the US, the UK and a few other powerful nations, had never heeded any criticism or condemnations leveled at them, not just by the Muslim countries but also by the free world. They are strong and almost invincible. The Muslim countries, on the other hand, are small and divided, not only in their political and economic interests
but also in some of their interpretations of Allah divine injunctions. Hence it is so easy for the super powers to divide and prod them to strangle each other. So many calls had been made at international forum for the Muslims to unite and act together like the brothers they are supposed to be. But that has never happened. Why" Because of conflicting political and economic interests as manipulated and fanned by the super powers.

To be able to face the western world with the strength of one single voice, a new, single line of Islamic authority created over and above the existing political and administrative system and concerned with religious matters alone, must be established, to represent all the Muslims of the world. Such an authority can emerge if each and every Muslim country elects a religious leader ( Mursyid) to represent the country, and these leaders form a World Islamic Consultative Body with an elected Head installed as a Mursyid al-Alami to represent the World Islamic Community. This Head or Mursyid al-Alami would then be able to interface with the highest leaders of other religions, to talk and promote world peace through mutual respect and to keep the human species away from self-destruction which politics and the insatiable thirst for power and wealth is bound to bring upon them. Political leaders and economists had never succeeded in bringing about such peace because of insurmountable and conflicting worldly interest. Perhaps the religious leaders of the world might just be able to do so by bringing about a better understanding and mutual tolerance between the various human species on this planet, some of which think they are better
and holier than the others.

They forget that we've only ONE WORLD and if that goes up in smoke, everyone dies. That also goes for us in Malaysia. There's only ONE MALAYSia and if it sinks we sink together. In all dealings within the context of a multiracial society, therefore, let's try to win the battle or fight over any problem even with less cheers rather than losing the fight and only winning the cheers.


Al-Manar said...

You and I and very likely many other Muslims see the answer in a united Muslim front. That is all there is to it. Again you and I and these people see it as a priority and we all may be able to unite ourselves. But there are still others whose interests in politics, money or power itself are uppermost; and they are a hindrance to unity, keeping us divided. And we remain where we are, moaning with frustration. Isn’t it sad?
At the end of it all, money is the root of all evils

norzah said...

As they say, Pakcik, money might not matter but it does very much if you don't have it. It's the root of all evil but those who are really hard up for it will do untold evil to get it. That's why I wrote that the Jemaah al-Mursyid and the Mursyid al-Alami will have to be above politics and economics. It must focus on interfaith relations. Well, we can only suggest. Let the ulul amri think about it.

Anonymous said...

Akhi Norzah,
Our Ulil amri must have the conviction and the courage to sell the idea to all OIC members first. The supra-body which the Jemaah represents and commands moral authority like the Vatican would be an ideal if ever it could materialise, given the fractious unity of Muslim leaders in politics, economics or spiritualism. Only Divine salvation perhaps could see such supra-body with the Spiritual and Moral authority could take off as in today's scenario.

norzah said...

I fully agree with your observation and reservation, Akhi. Every new idea sounds ludicrous at first and makes people laugh with incredulity - otherwise the idea is not worth examining at all.

The creation of the Jemaah al-Mursyid is relatively easy: it's electing a Mursyid to represent a country over and above the political infra- and supra-structure which is most difficult. Getting an Ulama acceptable to all Muslims in the country is the biggest challenge. Who do we want to suggest for Malaysia, for example? Not Nik Aziz or the rtd General! Prof.Harun Din, maybe, if he can rise above politics. If a Muslim country can elect such a Mursyid, some kind of unity is already achieved within that country, including Malaysia,
Selecting the Mursyid al-Alami from among them can be quite easy.Prof Yusuf al-Qardawi is a good nominee, already acceptable by most Muslim countries and the west.
So now it's a question of selling the idea, Maybe I should try to get through to DSN. It's only an idea anyway, something better than shouting out in anger at the Zionist to attract attention. I still think that sending the young Muslim warriors to conquer
young girls is better than giving them a suicide mission after training them at a great cost. Salam.