Thursday, June 3, 2010


The whole world seems agog with protests against a tiny nation with a population of 7-8 million whose navy commandos stormed an unarmed ship carrying humanitarian and medical supplies to the Palestinians in Gaza while sailing through international water. Some 9-16 (?) peace activists on board were killed while dozens of others from many countries were roughened up at gun point, injured and taken into custody.

Israel maintained that they had the right to search the ship and everyone on board to ensure that no weapons were being brought in to the people in the Gaza.

Curses, condemnations and fiery words of anger echoed through the media from the mUslim world with a population of more than 1.5 billion.Israel's flag was burned and protesters crowded the streets shouting insults and seeking vengeance. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED TO THE ISRAELIS. US and UK kept silent on the issue. The Israelis are probably laughing at the war drums and war dances being staged for they know that no one dares attack them, except BY firING some rockets into Jerusalem that could not cause much damage.

Why is the world so helpless against the little bully? Because US and UK are always on their side? Because they are so well armed and they have the most powerful military power on earth on their side? North Korea shot a S. Korean warship and US makes a lot of noise. Iraq was suspected of having WMD ( weapons of mass destruction) and was immediately destroyed. Iran is suspected of developing warheads and the US and UN Security Council is i hopping mad about it. India and Pakistan do have nuclear weapons but the US is again silent about it. It's terribly worried that Muammar Gaddafi might get it. Israel had been slowly but surely taking away the lands of the Palestinians, and still nobody can do anything about it.

The world, especially the Muslim world, should face the fact that God had endowed the early Israelis more than any other human race ( Al-Quran, 2-122). Even the Nazi could not get rid of them though millions were exterminated. They are astute businessmen and they formed some of the wealthiest people in the US, UK and elsewhere. They invented the most powerful guns and automatic weapons. They made machines that could make sea water drinkable. Their scientists are behind some of the most amazing inventions in the world.

What about the Muslims? They rose to prominence, power and righteousness under the guidance of prophet Muhammad SAW
(pbuh) and the Caliphah ar-Rasyidiin, After that they quarrelled among themselves, were split up into little enclaves or nations and began to decline in importance or prominence. And now they wailed and cried over their lost prestige and can't even join forces to fight off the ignominy and shame brought on them by the non-Muslims, even by those living amongst them. They are so patient, forgiving, willing to execute their own kind to show how fair the Islamic teachings are, and they continue to quarrel among themselves over matters affecting their akidah and the threat of the afterlife. Even boys and girls showing affection for each other in the public can be fined or put in jail. Let alone indulging in secret love affairs.

I am a Muslim, hopefully one acceptable by Allah. But I can't help laughing at some of the innocous reactions of the Muslims and the Muslim world. They will qoute copiously from the Quran and Hadith to show how things are wrong or being done against the true teachings of Islam. But except for imposing penulties to their own kind, nothing much is done. All problems, they say, can be resolved by referring to the al-Quran and Hadith. But every Muslim nation including Malaysia have tons of problems that remain unsolved.

No, Islam is the religion accepted by Allah, the fairest human treatise and guidelines as proven by the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Caliphah ar-Rashidin. I'm trying my best to live according to all the teachings and divine instructions. But I can't help being frustrated by the all-words-and-no-action attitude of the Muslim world. I only wish and hope that some capable leader can lead the Muslims back to the road of prominence and glory, insyallah, The problem is they all look uo to the political leaders for leadership or to the imams with the biggest turban, not to the ordinary looking boy in the village or small town
for ideas and tricks that could confuse the Israelis. If they cannot be defeated by the use of modern weapons, perhaps there are other ways of getting at their weaker spots. If diplomatic negotiations for umpteen yeas cannot work there could be other subterfuges that would.

OIC and the Arab League with its 22 members including Saudi Arabia, do not seem to be able to do anything except call on the Security Council to ask Israel to lift its siege on the Gaza. Even President Obama's lukewarm request before the recent attack on the Mavi Marmara for Israel to stop new construction in the Gaza area, was ignored. 7-8 million people defying more than 2 to 3 billion people of the world does not make any sense. Either they are a real superior human (or inhuman) race or the 2-3 billion people of the world are under some kind of mass hypnosis. Including US and UK.

Let the Muslims of the world think about it.


abdulhalimshah said...

Akhi Norzah,
Numbers alone do not make a difference if the Muslim world is disunited and economically and politically subservient to the British and American interests. Despite the wealth endowed by Allah to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, almost more than 99% of the petrodollars are in their financial institutions to feed the insatiable mass-consumption habits of the kafirs. Thus all OIC countries keep debating and talking until the cows go home but the Devils ignored all the resolutions passed even by the United Nations.
There is speculation that the rise of Islamic power this millennium will come from our part of the world and if this becomes a reality we should be able to defeat the domination of the tiny population of Israel over the rest of the world through its proxies, viz the Brits and the Yankees.

norzah said...

I didn't quite get the meaning of the last sentence, Akhi, although I'm elated to hear your conviction that "we should be able to defeat the domination of the tiny population of Israel." Is it including the Bits and Yankees? My guess is that the entire arsenals of the third world cannot match what the Yankees (US) and Brits (UK) have. Even if there's a new upsurge of Islamic power (unless it's an intervention by Allah), we cannot defeat the West through armed warfare. There must be another way, spiritual domination and subtle subterfuge, perhaps. I have some humble ideas on this but let me check them out with some gurus first. Salam.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
So long as the US sticks to its present policy not much change can be expected. President Barrack HUSSEIN Obama gave a hope during campaigning (there were attempts even to portray him as a Muslim to thwart his efforts to be president) But what happened? He read the aftermath well.

Upon being made President, to appease the strong Jewish Lobby he appointed his Chief of Staff a Jew, an ex-Israeli Defence Force higher-up. He made a show of sympathising with the Arab World by meeting them in Cairo, that's about all. The show goes on without so much as a comment let alone condemnation of the current happening.

He has to because:
1. He cannot afford to upset the strong Jewish Lobby or he wouldn't survive
2. It is convenient to have an ally in the middle of the Arab World to KEEP THE ARABS IN CHECK so that the US will survive ( the US just needs to shore them up occasionally by providing them with funds and weapons)Thus oil wells would not dry up 'for the good of the world' so it seemed.

The Israelis know this. The Brits tag along. Can we then expect the Middle East to attain the elusive peace. Fat hopes.The political will is wanting. The settlements would go on. The separating walls remain. The blatant land grabbing would go on and the whole world is none the wiser.

We are left with a statesman like Tun who at least did something to project the pain and sufferings of the Palestinians to the world and hopefully to alleviate them with the much maligned Aid Flotilla now speeding 'slowly' towards Gaza.

norzah said...

I agree with you, Akhi Hank, that
Obama seems helpless with the strong unseen hands(quite often visible enough)of the Jews twisting his arms. All US presidents faced the same pressure and Kennedy who tried to defy the unseen hands of the Jews around his neck, was murdered.
Question is: can the Muslim world do anything at all to help the Palestinians? We just heard what happened to the six Malaysians on the second ship in the flotilla.What are we going to do about that? Protest? Cry for the blood of the Jews? They have already said that they were not going to allow the boat to land.
And we all know what they are capabale of doing in the name of
defending their land (acquired over the blood and dead bodies of the Palestinians).

Are the Muslims and the free world so helpless and afraid of Israel and the Jews? Are ALL the Americans and Brits happy with the hold the Jews have on them and their leaders? I recall the moral and spiritual strength Mahatma Gandhi used to fight the British. Is there none of such moral strength and spirit among the Muslims to make a stand against Israel and it powerful allies? Facing them with military strength is out of question. The Muslims must launch a spiritual war of some kind against them and developing a plan on that line is better than senusding reams of protest notes, shouting our voice hoarse or crying tears of blood over the atrocities of the Jews.
What kind or spiritual war are we talking about? That is what the Muslims of the world should sit around to discuss and not waste time lamenting and cursing the formidable foe in seminars after seminars, conference after conference.

abdulhalimshah said...

Akhi Norzah,
I do not know what happened to my comment which I posted in response to yours. Btw I concur with you wholeheartedly that we need to come out with a different strategy to win. We have the strength of spiritual commitment because the Muslim world is not devoid of such people. The problem is our actions are mainly focussed on wasted efforts which do not achieve anything to date. Millions of Muslims go to Mecca, the holiest centre of the world and it is where our supplication goes direct to Rabb Al- Alamin. If all the OIC leadership could mobilise their righteous spiritual leaders gather everyday and supplicate to Allah for victory over the Jews and the backers, I am sure this is a better approach than what we have seen happening for the past more than half a century.

kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah & OP Hal,
Rightly said by both. Brute strength cannot be matched by brute strength. But spiritual strength can overcome. It has been been done since the day Israel was born, individually by the Palestinians themselves or by others.The desired result however is not yet apparent.

The resolve of the Israelis is focussed. Looking over the horizon, Golda Meir ( one-time Israeli PM ) once said, 'that's our land, God gave us those land'. She was looking as far as the eyes could see - beyond Jordan, Syria and Egypt even. There's no such thing as 'land for peace' It serves their purpose not to have peace. The setttlements had the desired result of 1) uprooting the ownwers & sending them to oblivion so that no claims can be made later,by them or their dependents 2)it has permanency and difficult to then uproot them ( they held on to the occupied lands for 2 generations now, what more when they are settled with settlements)

It has been said the Jews want the whole world to themselves. Enonomically they already have.
Land ownership of all Arab lands and beyond is their goal.
Now only Arab lands are involved. Only when the lands of the free world are threatened do the world wake up. Because then their interests are threatened not Arabs only. By that time Israel may be too strong for even Europe.

So there is no let up so long as it is convenient for the US to have a policeman in the Middle East while they ( read: US) roam the world looking for others to bully.

norzah said...

Akhi Halim and Hank, we all seem to agree that a show of physical and military strength against the Israelis even by entire Muslim population the of the world would not daunt them. Nor is the current approach of the OIC and Arab League in dealing with them showing any result. ( Your lost comment Akhi Halim could be due to a sudden interruption in the system - a requent happening!)
The alternative is a spiritual approach, and certainly not through prayers and sembahyang hajat alone. If we look closely at the throng which flooded Mekah al-Mukarramah during the Haj season, we know how divided and
variegated the Muslims are. To me the first order of the day is for Muslims to create only one single line of Islamic authority, which is non-political and which operates above the Islamic authority of individual Muslim oountries. How? Each country can
elect a Murshid to become a member
of a Jumaah al-Murshid like the
EU Cabinet. The Jemaah al-Mursyid or whatever you want to call it should be headed by a Mursyidul Alami, the single highest authority in Islam to conduct the spiritual war agains the Jews.
That certainly is not enough. There should be an perating arm under the Jumaah and Mursyidul Alami, to execute a Plan which I waould not want to discuss here.
How dies that sound so far?

norzah said...
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norzah said...
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norzah said...

Akhi Hank and Hal, something is wrong with the internet system today, it keeps reprinting my comment. There're spelling mistakes in the last two lines. "Waould" should read "would" and "dies" should read "does". Thanks.

abdulhalimshah said...

Akhi Norzah,
When I was a student pursuing my Master in Penn State in 1978-79, the Arabs chose a Malaysian to be the Imam to lead the faithful on Fridays as well as reading the khutbah in English. I asked why was it so. The reply from this guy from Qatar, only a neutral person was acceptable. That was why Tunku became the first Sec-Gen of the Islamic Countries based in Jeddah. My friend Razak went to assist the Tunku to set up the fledgeling Secretariat with funding from Al-Malik Faisal. When funds became scarce, it was Tun Mustapha of Sabah who helped the Tunku.
The OIC has come a long way since then and unity of Islamic countries is a long way off. The idea of adopting a EU Parliamentary pattern based on spiritual consensus is a worthy idea to be promoted. But the leadership of OIC under Pak Lah
perhaps might not have even thought of this. Under the present rotating system of Chairmanship, nothing of that sort could even take off, given the divisive tendencies of Islamic leaders especially in the Middle-East. The only leadership that could be an emergent force would be from the Far East. Perhaps there could be one amongst the Nusantara people.

norzah said...

Akhi AHS, I attended a meeting of the OIC reps once in Jeddah, convened to discuss an evaluation of its performance and a possible reorganization to make it more effective. Malaysia financed the study and Pak Lah as the Minister of Foreign Affairs then made me the Malaysian rep. With the first round of meeting I knew that no one was interested in a real reorganization. I wrote a report and bowed out.

The Arab Sates can never agree with each other and for that reason the Mursyidul Alami would have to be from a non-Arab country - a nuetral party. It would be up to the Jemaah al-Mursyid to elect him and his power would be like that of the President of EU in regard to religious matter. He is more like a Caliph, representing all Muslims in the world.
This single line of Islamic authority is to avoid any squabbling among the Muslim countries themselves, the single reason why the Muslims are never united and easily bullied by the western powers.
All Muslim countries can then make their mandatory annual contribution to the Jemaah al-Mursyid and not to any one Islamic country so as to incur mistrust. The Jemaah and the Caliph will determine and coordinate all actions as planned.
So what's the Plan of Action? If I don't get a response from one Guru whom I consulted within a week or two, I will reveal it to the OP group.