Sunday, June 6, 2010


Now that Israel has freed the peace volunteers from other countries ( the nine shot dead were from Turkey), and they are to be proclaimed national heroes as far as Malaysia is concerned, what's next? The intended humanitarian help to be given to the Palenstinians in the Gaza did not reach them and future attempts to do so might just be an exercise in futility. The navy commandos scouting the international water outside Gaza seemed determined to rout any future attempts to bring in supplies to the beleaguered Palestinians in the Gaza.

The PM had just announced dozens of action to be taken (1.30 PM News TV3, June 7). They included condemning, cursing and lamenting the inhuman actions of the Israel commandos, sending protest notes to various parties, initiating legal actions against the armed attack on the Mavi Marmara and Rachel Corrie in international waters, continuing to condemn the Zionists in the strongest of terms for their atrocities against the Palestinians and supporting the Palestinians in their effort to set up an independent State. I suppose there will be more protest movements, and display of hatred against the Israelis. But the US and UK will remain silent, while the Israelis might just laugh at all the innocuous actions taken and the inability of the Muslim world to do anything really harmful to them. All the verbal threats have been heard before and Israel continued to do what they wanted to do without anyone really able to stop them.

The irony is, Israel had freed ALL the peace activists (except the dead Turks) after they and the two ships have been thoroughly searched for concealed weapons. They certainly can make a good case in the international court for requiring the search, maintaining that none of the foreign peace activitists had been harmed. Whether the Turks on board the first ship were armed or not had never been ascertained and the commandos can certainly justify their trigger-happy action.More needs to be done than JUST CURSING, CONDEMNING, LAMENTING and TAKING UP THE MATTER TO THE INTERNATIONAL COURT or the UN SECURITY COUNCIL. How many Muslims are on the Council or on the Panel of Judges of the International Court?

The Muslims of the world must go on an international peace strike of some kind, a show of moral and spiritual strength akin to what Mahatma Gandhi had used against the British to defeat colonialism. An armed protest or war against the Zionists and their allies ( need they be mentioned?) is TOTALLY OUT OF QUESTION, and Hamas continuous bombardment of Jerusalem with rockets and the suicide attacks launched by the mujahideens have never achieved anything much but triggered more diabolical retaliatiory moves on the Palestinians.

How did Mahatma Gandhi defeat the powerful British Armmy and gained the respect of not only the British but the world? The Muslims must learn from the frail-looking man. A jihad war is just absurd against the modern war arsenals of the west and the nuclear weapons they possess. It must be a war of morality an spiritual strength requiring the efforts and sacrifice of the entire muslim world, acting together under the universal call of the Islam faith and the teachings of Allah.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Norzah,

Didn't know you are a blogger too, until you can into mine. Will come in more often from now on. Regards.

norzah said...

You're most welcome, General. It's an honour to have an ex-military commander on board. I got on to your blog through Abdul Halimshah, a fan of yours. You might want to google him for we exchange a lot of views. Salam.