Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Quick Dash to JB: What Happened to the Shoreline?

eginning June 6, the wedding season sails in. There are so many invitations that one has to make a the unpleasant task of selecting a few and leaving the rest with a sad lump in the throat. What to do? Can't attend them all for they are held in different places stretched between KL and JB.

In my case the June 6th marriage was just a few blocks away from my house, that of Cpt Baharuddin's daughter, and my wife and me were taking it easy. A phone call came on June 5th announcing the untimely death of a cousin, Adik Abong or Asmah bt Saad, residing in Terachi, Kuala Pilah. We rushed down that night and stayed over for the burial on the 6th after which we had to rush back to KL for the wedding.

There were more than five wedding invitations for June12th, in KL, in Juasseh, Kuala Pilah and in Johore Bharu. From friends and neighbors in KL, a cousin in Juasseh, and my daughter-in-law's Uncle, Encik Malik, in Bandat Baru UDA, JB. The sad part was my daughter-in-law had been hospitalized and I had to represent her and my son. It seems to be the most weighty of the responsibilities and so my wife and me rushed down to JB on Jun 11th to attend the wedding on the next day.It also offers me an opportunity to visit JB after quite a spell.

We stayed at the Puteri Pacific and I had a good view of the causeway from the window of my hotel room. Here are two shots from there taken in the evening.

You can see the remains of the aborted crooked bridge in the background. The traffic along the Causeway was crawling and aborting the crooked bridge was indeed a pity.

At 12.30 on the 12th, we set out for the wedding, my wife at the wheel with my daughter Norazlin acting as co-driver or more
as the tukang karut to keep the driver awake. On the way to JB I was sitting smug at the back dozing off more often than enjoying the scenery. On the way to the wedding, passing along the once beautiful shoreline leading to Danga Bay, I couldn't help observing with a shock at what had been demolished by the construction works going on. Here are some shots of the shoreline as you see it now.

Well, we always destroy in order to build anew or beautify. I suppose it will take some time before the shoreline becomes beautiful and serene again. One thing for sure, the construction works and the new roads and overhead bridges made my wife loss her way several times, overshooting the junctions we need to take and having to go round and round in circle to get back to the right junction. There was a lot of arguments in the car in regard to which junction to take and as usual, the driver made her own decision and gave us a good ride in the wrong direction a couple of times.

But she made it and we had a wonderful time. Just look at the bersanding and the mealtime pictures.

You couldn't of course see me sweating it out as I enjoyed the scrumptuous food and overate. My 'biras' the couple standing behind my wife and daughter around the dining table, saw me wiping out my sweat and laughed He knew I couldn't stand hot curry but wouldn't miss it too.

Today, June 13th, I thought is a free day. A quick check on my table and my wife shouted out: "Hey, another wedding today,
Get ready!!" Well, I guess that's all that I can yarn about now. A Bientout. Heck. We have to dash to Jaya

Jusco first to get some present for the bride and groom. Next week, another wedding at Akhi Abdul Halimshah's place and another at Dr Murad's in Shah Alam. Even our famous comedian Harith Iskandar had chosen this season to wed Jezamine Lim. Selamat Pengatin Baru
to all involved.


rambomadonna said...

My brother got enggage this school holiday. Though I miss that out, I am making it up to him for his wedding next year. I am after all his official wedding planner.

Anyway, it is good also to get ourselves once a while. We will discover new routes and see new things in the process. Like the other day when I want to entertain my friend in a restaurant in jalan ipoh. the road had changed so much that I couldn't find the place. On the hand I found new shortcuts and roads heading to places which I have been wondering how to get there for years!

Good for harith iskandar. I read the news yesterday. He is never in my WANTED list anyway .... hehehehe. Things might be different with Jake Gyllanhaal ... The Prince of Persia hahahaah

rambomadonna said...

BTW, i saw many people go for black theme for wedding lately ... so gothic OMG!

norzah said...

Ooohh that's why the couple were in black. God...wearing black on a wedding day! I thought the color is for mourning. BTW I saw the Prince of Persia already on VCR. As usual big screen and grand actions
based on a thin mythos that the sand of time can be run backward. If God has allowed it to be possible, people can die many times and live again.
Entertaining of course but I missed the line" What took you soooo loong.." hehehe. Where did it happen? In any case don't wait for the Prince from Persia, from Province Wellesly might be ok or just plain old Penang.

rambomadonna said...

Not superstitious la... but it's a big no-no to buat wedding ikut trend. Years from now org akan tau ni wedding zaman bila. I like Syu's concept ... white and timeless.

Haaa ... sampai Chiengmai i cari Norzah ooooiiiiii .... tapi tak jumpa juga the ONE to be checked thoroughly hahaha

norzah said...

Kalau u yang nak check thoroughly macam Prince of Persia suruh Minah buat, memang susah dapat yg mau. Tapi kalau the other way round, ehem, ehem, tentu ramai yang bersedia, termasuk yang sudah kena check once upon a time, hehehe.
Tentang pakaian wedding tu I dan Tum terkejut bila Azlin kata dia nak pakai hitam bila dia kahwin esok, maybe next year. Now I undesrstand why she made the suggestion. Thanks to you.

rambomadonna said...

Advise her against it. Years from now black will never trendy. Kalau nak stick to concept timeless.

norzah said...

Will do, J, I don't mind any other color but black. Hey, good luck to your Solo engagement. Orang solo pergi ke Solo, bawa kamera merakam gambar, carilah dia hensem dan melo, nanti ku suruh dia melamar, hehehe.