Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awan....Where Are You?

Our dear tomcat Awan, whom we raised from small and who stayed in our bedroom like a member of the family until he's about a year old, has disappeared. He has often followed me very early in the morning to go to the Surau for Subuh prayer and will wait for me to walk home. Hiding under a bush or sometimes under a car ( he knows when to run away as soon as the engine starts), he will jump out to greet me as I come by along the road after the prayer. We would then walk home and have breakfast together.

But five or six mornings ago. he overslept and did not follow me to the Surau when I left the house at 5.40am. When I returned home he made a lot of noise as if he missed going out . When my wife opened all the doors and the gate to go out to work, Awan followed her. We have allowed him to go out several times already since he had grown up and a few "friends" had been waiting for him. He would come in again when I opened the door to go out and feed the fish. Since I work only at home after retirement, he will spend all day playing or sleeping in the room. I always leave the door open for him to come and go as he pleases.

When I came out of the house on the April 7, to go and feed the fish, Awan did not come to greet me. He always does so even when he comes into the room when I am reading or busy at the PC. He will rush towards me and extend a hand or even two sometimes to catch the hand that I extended to him. He will wait for us to return home from shopping and we even took him out sometimes. Every time we step out of the car he will rush at us and then roll over on the grass or even in the centre of the road itself, until we pick him up. He will sometime sleep at my feet while I'm reading or writing. And when the chair is vacated he he will waste no time to occupy it just sitting down and resting or sleeping. We sometimes quarrel over the chair since he won't vacate it once nicely settled down in it.

His real fun time is when my wife is sitting on the bed with her Notebook. Awan will sleep behind the opened cover and once in a while pop up his head and stretch out a hand to help her with the typing on the keyboard. When my wife shouts out to stop him from disturbing Awan will hide again behind the cover and pretend to be asleep, only to pop up again with his game of peek-a-boo.

The moment my wife lays a hand on him either to stroke him or wave him aside, Awan will grab her hand and start to pull or make mocking snaps with open jaws, making my with shriek with fear. He also does the same to me although it's often myself who will grab his head or hands and legs to avoid the mocking snaps that he makes.

Now he's gone, has not returned for 6 days and we missed him very much. I'm sure someone has caught and caged him for otherwise he will surely run back home. We've lost two other cats this way. The funny thing is that there are many stray cats moving round our place and no one seems to be interested in them. Why is it that some one always want to deprive us of our beloved pat? Does it make him, her or them happy to see us going all over the place calling for our cat? No, there's no sign of any cat being run over by a car. Our cat must have been held in captivity or otherwise sent somewhere else for whatever reason we don't know for Awan is not Persian or anything special. Just an ordinary tomcat but is most playful and childlike.

The pics are from our album and printed here to keep up our memory and our hope that:
AWAN will return, ALIVE.
Click here to see how Awan came to us.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Awan...balikla...Kesianla kat 'papa' ni.

Mungkin kah awan mengikut 'cewek' nye ke Lambok, Indonesia?. Hehehe..Itu kes remaja Malaysia pula kan bila hilang.

norzah said...

Ia keluar untuk mengikut cewek memang pasti, Yy, kerana itu sy tak larang. ( I'm a great liberal, hehehe). Tapi ada orang yang culik dan mengurungnya sehingga tidak dapat lari pulang. Itu yang menydihkan, Namun, jika ia dipelihara dengan baik dan kasih sayang, tak apalah, apalagi jika ditempat ceweknya tinggal. Kalau disia-siakan serupalah macam cerita you "ada manusia yang berperikebinantangan."

rambomadonna said...

Norzah, cuba check ngan local authority takut mistaken for stray cats. Tapi kalau dah lari ikut cewek and tuannya pun liberal, takleh nak tolong lah hehehe.

kaykuala said...

Sdr Norzah,
Seen the video of your earlier posting. Awan brought back fond memories of Clyde. My daughter Adura acquired Clyde when it was just 1 yr old. Adura was then a student at CSU Sacramento.

A Scottish Fold, it had an uncanny resemblance to Awan in terms of felt pattern and colour.

Clyde adjusted well when brought back here in 2000. Sometime in late 2007 it had serious infection of the colon and toilet difficuties. It succumbed sadly after 2 weeks. Even the vet at the at the animal clinic at the Curve couldn't save him despite minor surgery.

Everyone cried. It was such a joy having him around, exactly as you had experienced.

He was 7 yrs with us in Malaysia. He died at 10 yrs which is equivalent to 56 yrs in human terms.

norzah said...

J, tak mungkin langsung pehak local authority yang tngkap kerana banyak sekali kucing berkeliaran di kawasan ni. Depan rumah i tu mereka bercengkerama dan bercakaran. Herannya kenapa kucing i saja yg hilng, kena serkap dan kena bawa pergi. Ada seekor yang balik semula selepas setahun, dengan luka-luka dileher kerana diikat agaknya. I ubatkan dan ia sembuh semula leppas tu hilang lagi...Tak taulah. Harap dia lari dgn ceweknya menepati lagi dlm video mengenai camana i jumpa Awan dulu..".Please release me and let me go." Kalau dia dah bahagian tak apalah.

norzah said...

Akhi Kk. If death calls on anyone or anything we love, apa nak kataklah. I pun dah tengok dua tiga ekor kucing kesayangan, mati kerana penyaklit tua. Yes I too cried once when Kazi came back after a long absense and died after an emotional reunion, placing himself on the steps to our garden. Cats seem to have real feelings and that's why Awan's loss makes my wife and me very emotional. I only hope that whoever "adopts" him will take good care of him. Thanks for the response. Sharing sad experience reduces the gravity of the occasion.

abdulhalimshah said...

Ya Akhi Norzah,
Ad'ullah an alkittatuki satakti ila libaituka qarib.
Ini pun satu ujian, dan kita boleh ucapkan juga "Innalillahi" atas semua benda yang hilang.

norzah said...

"Berdoalah kepada Allah supaya ...ketakwaan mendekati rumahmu,," Ana tak dapat cari makna 'alkittatuki' ya Akhi. Tolonglah jelaskan kerana bahasa Arab dalam tulisan rumi sulit sikit nak pastikan maknanya kerana tiap-tiap 'al', 'sa' dan 'i' mempunyai maksud tersendiri. Namun maksud amnya ana faham dan diucapkan terima kasih. Ana bergantung pada jaminan Allah: "Ud'uni astajiblakum." ( Berdoalah padaKu. Akan Kukabulkan). Mengenai Awan, ana belum pasti yang ia sudah mati...kembali kpd.Allah. So, i keep my fingures crossed, hehehe.

abdulhalimshah said...

Akhi Norzah,
Sorry for the mistake. It should be "Qittuka" meaning your cat (for masculine owner). Thanks for drawing my attention.
The phrase " Innalillahi wainna ilahi rajiun" can be used for losing anything, from the inanimate objects right up to human beings.

norzah said...

Ah, kalau qittuka memang jelas maksudnya, Akhi. Qittun=kucing. qituki=my cat. Kerana b. arahb banyak sabdu, susah kita nak baca dalam tulisan rumi. Trylah tulis jawi melalui prog yang ana sebutkan. It's fun. Kena prektis sebelum boleh jalan lancar.

kay_leeda said...

Salams Uncle,

This is so sad. I can't go on reading it coz I know how it feels losing them. Hope Awan will come home soon. Hari tu dah promise Kak Bong to give her one of our kittens. But bolum habis susu lae. Won't be the same as Awan, but hope a new one will ubat kan rindu di hati.