Saturday, April 17, 2010

House Warming Dinner

Sat 17. I was dead tired from working the whole morning up to 3pm. clearing up the old house in Ulu Bendul (See bio -pic). Weeds and grass have started to sprout at all corners and even under the house itself. Worked like a hired coolie under the hot sun, in loving memory of my late parents. Reached home after six and the wife sprang a surprise, She had no friend ( all having their own weekend agenda) to attend a friend's house warming party atTaman Impian Putera at Bandar Seri Putera, Bangi , and she wanted me to come along.

Do I have a choice? Nahi. It was a third request from the office colleague, the last house she bought. No more open house and my wife had missed the previous two. Willy nilly I slipped into a batik and off we went, after she checked with the collegue whether it was all right to bring a husband. Interesting point here. If a husband is invited to a function, taking the wife along is to be expected. But if a wife is invited in a more or less official capacity? You're not necessarily expected to hang along, Bro!

She received the OK and I decided to hang along, throwing the first impulse to just send her there than scoot somewhere else. If the girls want to have a shindig to themselves then I'd clear away. But lo and behold. I saw a number of ketayap and jubah clad people enjoying themselves under the porch where food was served. They were from the local "surau group" and I felt very much at ease. What a wonderfully religious idea, marrying the modern house warming or open-house concept with the traditional kenduri and baca doa.

The ladies were huddled up inside the brand new, well-lit semi D housing unit. I didn't have time to take a shot and so here's a catalog shot to aid your imagination:

Had a nice discussion with them on the religious activities in the new residential area. No surau yet but a house owner graciously allowed his yet unoccupied unit to be used as a temporary surau. According to the teaching of Islam for as long as people use the house for prayers and other religious activities, the owner will reap the"pahala". The same if you plant a fruit tree and let people enjoy the fruits.

Che Norsiah Patah, the hostess for the house warming party, was so non-assuming, friendly and casual. The food was excellent and being tired and hungry, I didn't waste time to have my fill. If my tummy looks a little ' terbonjol' in the picture it's because I ate too much perhaps. Met many wonderful people at the party including Irwan and his charming wife. Again I forgot to take pictures and hope that some will be forthcoming from other shutterbugs present at the occasion.

Sorry, no picture of the food spread for there's too many of such pictures around. Or of people eating.

Thanks Che Norsiah for a wonderful get together.


rambomadonna said...

Cantik rumah Norsiah. Patut malam tu masa I BBM dengan dia she told me that Datin and U baru balik. I pun heran why Datin went there. hehehe. Rupanya ada makan2.

norzah said...

BBM tu apa exactly although i dapat tangkap maksudnya. I difahamkan dia yg jaga state afffairs termasuk Penang. Tak sangka lak i na' sampai le rumahnya. Yes, nice house tapi masih sisngle je. Kenapa pegawai-pegawai tinggi wanita dari Sabah atau Sarawak yang bertugas di Smnanjung suka terus single ya? Sayang pegawai-pegawai lelaki di sini cepat sangat khawin. Kalau tidak objektif 1 Malaysia tentu cepat tercapai, hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

Oppsss ... BBM = Blackberry Messenger. Nak buat macam mana Norzah. Kami kan ker sibuk dengan State Affairs until our "State of Affairs" takde nak jaga hahaha.

norzah said...

Sibuk dengan affairs of the State sehingga takde yang nak jaga your state of Affairs....memang hebat 'pun' u.
Tulah, susah nak cari org yang boleh 'atasi' your acumen supaya boleh jadikan u suatu acquirement, hehehe. How's the job getting along?

kaykuala said...

Sdr Norzah,
At this time accepting an invitation from a friend is almost an obligation. You did right. The hostess must have a very good reason to select us from the list of names from say, a 30 yr span of friendship. It is giving due respect to that choice that we present ourselves.

norzah said...

The invitee actually was my wife, Kk, and I was a hanger-on. The obligation was on my wife and she was in a quandary for no lady-friend was available to go along with her. So I became the escort but fortunately or unfortunately many of the other invitees knew me. We got on so excitingly that my wife and the ladies in the lounge came to join us under the porch, hehehe. It was supposed to be a ladies' affair since the hostess was a single lady. But the men turned it into something else, huhuhu.

rambomadonna said...

am writing an entry about it... hope to get it publish soon.

rambomadonna said...

BTW, norzah ... do watch GLEE? ur comment to KK's comment reminded me of one of the episodes when all the male cast sing and dance to the All The Single Ladies by Beyonce ...

norzah said...

Whoa..the subject of single ladies is always hot, no?
It's not only Singapore that's facing the problem but
Malaysian girls (from Sabah and S'wak as well) are also marrying late, or choosing to remain solo. YYYY?
Agaknya sudah too hot for the young men of today to handle, especially when they are in the minority in the offices or the universities and colleges.

Where to watch GLEE? I would love to see the male cast singling to the single ladies, hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

Try ... its episode 4. Click on it then click on search for links for Season 1 episode 4 ... it will bring u to the next page. Choose any link. Then click on the blue colour Play in New Window button.

Wait for it to load and enjoy!

norzah said...

Thanks J, Will try it surely.