Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week In Week Out

Week in week out, some people become weak some more stout, some shrink and some blow out, some are raking in while some others become down and out. That's life's mystery and vicissitude, call it destiny or the outcome of your own endeavor and attitude.

Many events and portends of things to come become unveiled as we enter the first quarter of 2010. At home the sodomy episode continues to stultify the air, the dusts of the MCA leadership crisis settle down, a new economic model for the country's future socioeconomic and political development is proclaimed, Parliamentarians begin a new bout to debate the welfare of the nation, a Muslim lady (Kartika) escapes lashing as a punishment for imbibing alcohol in the public and an experienced lawyer-cum-ex Polsec to the exPM (Matthias Ahang) goes to jail for contempt of court. Overseas, the US passed a Healthcare bill which gives every citizen a health insurance coverage (32 millions not covered now) at the expense of the employer, Israel continues to occupy more Palestinian territory, suicide bombers begin to terrorize Moscow which may 'return to its iron fist policy' and Thaksin's supporters or the red shirts in Thailand continue to intensify their protest movement.

That's a very swift reflection of human achievement in the search for peace. We just had the Earth Hour on Sunday to make peace with mother earth. I wonder if the whole world, at least the side having nightfall, went dark for an hour. I wonder if the thugs of the world took the opportunity to do their things under cover of darkness. If not, congratulations. They also respect the Earth Hour and that's an achievenment, compared to the efforts of the Police to reduce and control crimes.Today it appears that people, good and bad, do not fear threats of capital punishment, imprisonment and fines anymore. As long as they have lots of money they can always appeal against any judgement. Why you can even appeal to the International Court of Justice if you have the means to do so.

Well, weekend is approaching again and April Fool's Day had passed without any serous pranks being committed. Perak State Legislative Assembly continues to face trouble but then even Parliament is also facing regular walk-outs by opposition members. It has become routine and this is good. If Malaysians can begin to accept political wranggles, back-biting, charges and counter-charges, threats and counter- threats, as a routine thing in the political arena and not allow their blood pressure and emotions to run wild, this country will be all right. It's only when the political skirmishes and confrontations (not real battle or war) are taken to the streets and coffee-shops, into mosques, churches and temples, into shopping malls and even homes, that real trouble begins.

So, let's enjoy the weekend.


kaykuala said...

Sdr Norzah,
Plainly great! Let's see the fun again. The ones nearer home.

The ex-PKR MPs have had their day with their shocker revelations, the Perak PR ADUNs unwittingly did themselves in with a 'The World is Watching' placard not realising it was a double edged thing (yes, we were watching their antics too), MPs being asked 'to take walk' besides walking out on their own,and as late as today, it was reported (and Police also confirmed it)that a senior Penang DAP rep is being 'observed' for corrupt practices. (it is then not just an UMNO monopoly as often exhorted by them)
Yes, the fun is just beginning, it is not done yet!

My only wish is to see some decorum as good lawmakers. We are not asking for model behavior,just decent behavior. They can well hold their proceedings under a tree for all we care but for heavens' sake, behave when in the august house. Is it too much to ask?

norzah said...

As you said. bro., the lack of a sense of decorum among some MPs and State Assemblymen is the cause of some disgusting behaviors in the august house(s). Corruption in both camps (govt and the opposition) is hard to prove when bureaucratic procedures (a necessary evil) are abrogated and preempted by political expedients ( less evil?) and supremacy.
Well, I agree that the fun has just begun. Let's watch so long as when the circus gets into full swing no wild animals are let loose into the streets,hehehe.