Saturday, November 21, 2009

"AWAN" came to us...

It was a beautiful. bright morning. When I opened the front door and grill to go out and feed the fish, a mother cat and her baby greeted me with a look as if to say. " Can you please help us." I just smiled and proceeded to feed our fish, some little fries in a large earthen bowl under the porch and a small pool of large Japanese carps at the back of the house. When I returned to the door, the mother cat has gone away leaving the poor kitten staring shyly and quite frightened between the grill and my car.

I held out my hand saying softly, "Here kitty. kitty,come to me", in the most friendly voice that my vocal chord could produce. And, after hesitating for awhile as if to evaluate my intention, it came slowly and cautiously towards me and licked my hand. Boy. I fell in love with the kit instantaneously. I remember seeing some kittens before, brought by the same mother. The moment I approached them, both mother cat and the kittens scrambled away. This one remained and made me feel so...wanted.

I had no choice but to take it to my room, got some fresh milk from the fridge and tried to feed it. No it wouldn't lick the milk from the saucer. I took a handkerchief, rolled a corner and dipped it into the milk and tried to push it into its mouth. After tasting what smeared its lips, it looked at me with a surprised look and licked my hand.

That was it. When my wife returned home we took it to a veterinary clinic, and was given a thorough medical check-up. The kit is a "he" and only a few weeks old. I registered his name as Awan - the cloud. He had come to us as a surprise and we just love him. The little video clip we made of him can say better than my blog. Sorry if the production is below substandard. Some of the writings came out so small and I just couldn't find the right button to enlarge them. Any advice would be welcome.


rambomadonna said...

Norzah ... wah wah wah ... dah start involved in movie making pulak ... welcome to the club. Biar kita pulak produce filem setanding pisau cukur, setem or Anakku Sazali hahahaha

norzah said...

FYI, J, i pernah tulis dan produce telefilem for RTM dan TV drama for TV3,tapi not involved in actual filming or editing. Kalau u dah mahir buat editing nanti bolehlah
kita join venture, cewaaaaah. Buat masa ni camne nak tamatkan video dan audio kat iMovie HD ni dan camne nak ubah font size, kadang-kadang keluar besar kadang-kadang kecil. Camne tu?

rambomadonna said...

For my movies, I edit dulu guna Microsoft Movie Maker. Prinsipnya lebih kurang lah pakai flash or macromedia director. Kat tempat2 yang ada score untuk perkataaan, double click and mesti ader nya button untuk edit title. Kat sini boleh lah u tukar font size.