Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prophet Muhammad's Life to be Filmed

NST reported this on Wednesday, Nov.4 p, 26. Immediately I thought that this could never be a venture by the Muslim filmakers, especially from Malaysia. The Company or the man behind it would be facing an avalanche of criticisms and warnings or even threats, that the idea would be killed before it can be promoted,

But when Holywood wants to do it, no one can say anything. Especially since it's going to be produced by Barrie OSBORNE, producer of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and MATRIX. That ensures us that it's going to be a breathtaking epic, bigger than life, more profound than common human logic and reasoning can accommodate, and full of scenes that will baffle the audience. In other words we can be sure that the cinematographic and performance quality will be of the highest order, especially with a budget of US150 million. Plans for the English-language film were annouced at the Doha Tribeca Film Fest in Qatar on Sunday Nov1.

It's comforting to know that in accordance with Islamic tradition, the film will not represent the prophet himself or direct members of his family. Most probably only their voices will be heard. Even that makes me very anxious. Who will render the voice of the Prophet, although it'll be in English? More importantly, who'll advise on the storyline and the selections of scenes to be portrayed? The man will be none other than ulama Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi ( Prof. Dr. Yusuf Abdullah al-Qardhawi), the prolific and controversial ulama who is banned from entering Britain.

Hopefully truth and authenticity will predominate over the interest to make the film appeal to world audiance. While Ulama Yusuf Qaradawi is quite a liberal ulamak I wonder whether he will agree to any dialogues that deviate from the hadith ( sayings of the Prophet). Shooting will begin in 2011. I'm sure the whole Muslim world will be waiting for this epic. My only hope is that it'll not be banned by the Muslim countries for I'm certain that many controversies and disagreements will arise. Any other people attempting to make the film outside of Holywood might not succeed at all in producing it.

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