Wednesday, August 1, 2007

RTM: Quality vs Popularity: Coffeeshop Views.

RTM is always the flagship for TV and Radio shows. Recent changes made have added new dimensions (coverage) which are very beneficial to the good citizens on this nation especailly the young. But....... the coffeeshop viewers have quite a lot to say.
Listen and RTM might gain something from what they say. If they know what is good coffee and food, they should also know what is good TV.

" It's still on what the PM and Ministers saylah...not something like Karam Singh "Warrior" ...... Like "Jejak Kasih" or "Bersamamu"..
show things on the ground...not talk,talk, talk..."

For a Government station, "message is certainly first and "popularity" second or third after "sponsiorship". But what's the point of pouring out useful info when there are few takers? How long can you listen to "" unless given by a funny-faced spellbinder! ( Harris Iskander and Aflin Syauki may qualify though Syauki does not talk much). Sponsorship often follows popularity of the program, irrespective of message or enlightenment content! Listen on...

" The concerts, award giving ceremonies, and other celebration functions are all grandscale..big...expensive...many artists involved. But......they always boil down to two emcees ( man and woman) who try to steal the show with their stereotype antiques from a rostrum of some sort. Throw the emcees awaylah, unless they're really good, ribtickling, or just pop up once in a while quite unexpectedly from the crowd. Not stand there in front of the camera and yek..yek..yek."

Well....emcees are important but need not always occupy centre-stage. Short intro or comments can be given from anywhere
interesting and non-monotonous. They need not dress to outdo the stars....

" Federal or State functions...aiyaaaa...very long, very boring. Don't show primetimelah. Otherwise put in packagelah, show bit at a time in an entertaining program. Cut-cutlah like chicken chop. Can still make very tastety!"

I've no comment on this. Long, boring programs ( live or otherwise) can certainly be followed by a very interesting, electrifyng and well-advertised program so that people will wait on the same channel.

Finally, I've heard this:
" Ya, there're many changes in RTM to make it more informative in line with the concept of "infotaiment" ( DBP will certainly reject this). RTM1 which used to be the Bahasa channnel has gone multilingual. Same with RTM2. Donno where to go now for good entertainment unless you read the prog. schedule in the papers. Confused...easier to go to TV3 or Astro. Always good because they must make money one. Not interesting, no sell."

Maybe, RTM shlould develop some kind of a boredom-meter. If it rings or buzzes after 10-15 minutes, or even earlier, some changes should be made. Otherwise only the table and chairs will listen to the important goverment message, that is if viewers do not change channel because of the "setia" spirit.

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