Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's Just Kid Around

I think I've been commenting on serious things all this while and missing the lighter side of life. No, I've been following the blogs of some of our star humourists and jokers - Rojak Today, What a Lulu, Kenny Sia and many others- and having a wonderful time. I learn a lot about Singlish from (can't recall) .......When I found out that "sial" means good or showing admiration, and there're so many aspects of "tua" - tua kee, tua pin sian, tua teow....I really felt "song". Don't know whether that is correct; tio ba? That sounds like a Sabahan speaking: tau sikit-sikit saja ba!

The Singlish, Manglish, Capcainglish, Rojak English are all fascinating, so long as you know what the correct English is. For students, too much of the pidgin (pigeon), will result in your marks for English flying out of the window. You know how difficult it is to land a job nowadays if your English is substandard. I read in the papers the other day that even Ministers make grammatical mistakes when speaking in English. Even reporters and the media scribes sometimes bungled up their tenses, unless it was the printer's hantu at work!.

One blogger did assume the role of an English teacher for a while but swung a hammer with his grammmar, aimed at some prominent people who flouted the highway rules yet went scot free. Others get into trouble for just parking on the side of a forsaken road ( not a car around) but with a faint yellow line at the curb. Or for parking with a tyre on a yellow line of the parking lot, though not posing any danger to anybody except perhaps a blind man.

I wonder if some bloggers can start some jovial lessons on Chinese, English and also Bahasa. ( Hokkien Lang writes in highflown hokkien for experts only). Nothing works better than learning while laughing. The harder you laugh the deeper a lesson sinks in. If bloggers can help to improve the command of languages among the young, we'd achieve more than just sharing some light moments together And, of course, shooting paintballs where some injustice needs to be highlighted!

Just make sure you shoot paintballs NOT acidballs or you'll get into trouble with the law!

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