Thursday, August 9, 2007

Planet Can-do in trouble....

Bloggers in cyberspace should keep track of the gems produced by bloggers in mediaspace. Kathirasen just came up with a very amusing ( and scathing) one-act play entitled "Meanwhile, on Planet Justica.." (NST August 9). The Elders on Planet Justica were
discussing the need to send Justiceman to save the inhabitants of Planet Cando from destroying themselves. Why so?..

- they have difficulties in upholding justice; even ceilings in governemt buildings were collapsing;
- many criminal cases were thrown out because of the incompetence of investigators and/or prosecutors;
- crime is on the rise and deterntion centers are full; many detainees and prisoners are aliens;
- they cannot decide on the appointment of a head "tribunator" ( Tribunal=Terminator);
- a few tribunatos are rather tardy in writing judgements; one has not written many judgements.

When Elder 4 asked Elder 1 why he was not informed, the latter answered he could not say it in public.
Elder 4: Oh, I see. ( O.I.C) ( He accepts the reason)
Elder 1: OSA, not OIC ( Would not say it in public because of OSA - Official Secret Act!)
A very subtle joke there! But that's not all the trouble yet. There are more:
- many officials in Planet Cando are rather adept at closing an eye when they need to ( in collecting import duties) when important or rich persons are entangled; a popular song among inhabitants is: (Sung to the tune of " Please Release Me" by Englebert Humperdinck):
Please release me, let me go
For I will give you money, more and more...

That's a real killer and A CHILLER! Imagine the number of Mafia-style bosses that can go scot free....

The rest is about the need to maintain justice and to appoint the head Tribunator quickly so that the inhabitants will not loose faith in the justice system. Is he to be appointed based on competency, qualification or seniority? Hey, there's a lot more of word-play and cynicism. But the disturbing closure is:
Elder 4: During my last visit to the planet, I found that they say nice things and mouth words of peace publicly, but at their closed-door meetings, they sing a different tune. Why can't their words and action match?

In Bloggerland lingo : CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN! Is this the real malaise in Can-do land today?


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