Thursday, August 2, 2007

10 Top Reasons for Making Love...


Read NST Thursday, August 2, on 237 reasons why people have sex? The researchers at the University of Texas spent 5 years studying the subject. Man!! They really know what's important in life - the thing that drives people crazy, irrespective.......

A proposal from a local University for such a study would not get beyond the Head of Depatment, if those involved are not flayed for just making the proposal. Yet, what is more important? What moves the animal, men and women, more than the natural urge to corpulate and procreate?

The 10 top reasons given were quite the same among college men and women. No significant difference between them except that men gave sex a higher rating as "fun" (no.4) compared to the women ( placed it at no.8). But it's there, mentioned as if it's of the same category as going to the cinema. What about the other reasons? Search for the paper again and read it if you haven't! I've no comment...

Now that sex education is already given in the schools, Malaysians shouldn't blush talking about it. It's not taboo anymore to do so but talk about it in a scientific way and ...don't push your luck too far. You might still get a slap in the face for being saucy or "horny". Some people still think about it as DIRTY and only appropriate for discussion behind closed doors. Funny that "it" is described as dirty among unmarried people but almost sacred between married couples. A sacred act that begets children - a gift of God. One authoress created a character who described marriage as "sanctified whoredom" - Anne Rice in her novel "Atlas" if I'm not mistaken. All living things are endowed with the gift of reproduction. Animals cannot think or reason. Yet they do indulge in the act as actively as their thinking neighbours. So, do they have 10 or 237 reasons, or are they driven by pure instinct???

Only human beings have a reason for doing anything at all. Without reason and a sense of purpose, they're not human beings.That perhaps is how we should categorized those who committed the hedeous act of rape, then kill their victims, both adult, teenager and children. They are driven by pure instinct (called lust) like the animals but worse, they kill their preys.
Maybe women should behave like praying mantis and slay the male, who ( in the human case) took them by force. No, I'm not insinuating murder or manslaughter, But are dealing with Man or what? There're just too many cases of teenagers and children becoming the victims now and society need to act on even mere suspicion to prevent it..... There's only prevention.
No cure once a teenager or child is preyed on!

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