Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When People Don't Care Anymore..

If we listen carefully to people talking about politics today, you'll hear an undercurrent of disappointment, frustration or a plain " I couldn't be bothered anymore" attitude. And i don't mean talk among non-politicians only. Even active party members and party office holders can be heard echoing such sentiments. Not to say some politicians holding public office themselves.

Of course most people are never happy with what they get from life. Or from their employers or the government as the biggest
employer in any country. But there's a great difference between being dissatisfied or frustrated and being Indifferent. One is the result of not getting as much as is expected but still hoping to get more,The other is the result of losing interest or concern because things have become hopeless and cannot be improved. Let things go down the drain for one has given up hope for a gret improvement.

That's what one blogger seems to say about the government and even some of the NGOs as they've become today. Let me quote without mentioning the name:

"Once Malaya and then Malaysia was the hallmark of excellence in how a democratically elected government operated.
What happened?

Surely it’s not just about stuffing up the organizations by staffing them up with incompetent people, though there is that

It seems as if at some stage there was a humongous avalanche, where Malaya/Malaysia’s old excellence in governance
was hurled down the slippery slovenly shameful slope, a slope which is now bereft of good management, discipline,
merit , respectability and credibility.

Our institutions have gone to the dogs, with even some, like banks, universities and the police, in repetitive fashion.

Someone or some people has/have a lot to answer for the regrettable plunge towards zero."

(I beg your permission to quote you, Sir).

This seems to be the kind of dissatisfaction and hopelessness and the "I just couldn't accept anything anymore attitude which we can sometimes hear.If it comes from people who are in the opposition camp, we can very well understand. But what if it's reflected in the the comments of people who are not opposed to the government but just fed up with some of the things it is doing or NOT doing, Lately it has to do with the rising costs of foodstuff, increase in the price of fuel, the prolonged court case of shameful sexual behavior with the distribution of pornographic tapes to support the charges outside the court, the dubious conclusion to corruption cases involving some big names and the inconclusive investigation into the death of people under investigation by the MACC or the Police etc. These matters keep appearing in the front pages of the local dailies but there is nothing new that could make the people more confident of a fair and transparent verdict. Things usually end in a way which people thought it would - ie in favor of the government. Hence the charge that even the judiciary is not totally independent.

Most of us however believe that the government is doing its best in the interest of the nation and the people. That was why it was voted to power again and again since achieving Independence. The Prime Minister and many other Ministers say that they welcome responsible and constructive criticisms. But why are some people so cynical nowadays and some unhesitatingly display the "I don't care anymore" attitude? Are we really going down the ladder of excellence and "kecermerlangan" that we pride ourselves in just some years ago?


Al-Manar said...

Every day I read my newspaper and find something wrong, and wonder if I am getting old and grumpy with things I see. I see visits overseas and claims of great success. I see girls caught with men. I see families getting killed in road accidents.I see demands for more scholarships to atudy abroad. Nothing seems right to me. Do you read and feel any better?

norzah said...

I read the same news and feel horrified sometimes, Pakcik Al-Manar, horrified by the human elements involved, but also mystified, mystified by the hands of fate and destiny involved. If that which is good comes from Allah and that which is bad comes from Man, how can men's will exceed the will of Allah. Or is He already fed up with men and is letting syaitan to rule the game of life? I hold my sanity because i believe that Allah sees everything and knows everything that is going on. He is just waiting for the right time to blow the whistle.

Goh Yoke Leng said...

Thank you for sharing a good artical. It reflects thousands of people' thoughts. People really feel the pinch particularly middle and low income ones.
What we foresse is such issues would be addressed intensively by Pakatan in the next general election.

norzah said...

I can see your political lesning now, Yoke Leng. While there is always hope that a new broom can sweep better, the old saying carries its own skepticism. If only the States under opposition's rule can show that all rates and charges in their States are lower! Thanks very much for the comment, your first i think.