Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As Kuala lumpur Rovolves..

Big deal. I've taken meals in the sky at 10,00 meters (30,000feet plus) on a plane, on top of the Titiwangsa Range at more than 1760 meters ie at Genting Highland, and on the CN Tower in Canada at 553.33 meters. So what is having dinner at some 334 meters above KL City ie. at the revolving restaurant on KL Tower! No cause for excitement.

But there was. It was a Father's Day dinner arranged by my wife and kids. I am a simple village- born man who will be happy with lunch or dinner at a foodstall by the busy streets of KL (difficult to find one now) or a maplei somewhere on the outskirt of the city. The thought of celebrating FD in the sky was as far away from my imagination as the earth is from the sun. I've heard that the charges could be more than a hundred buckaroo per head and paying for 8 adults and two kids would be too much for my kid's purse. Of course I know that my wife will come to their rescue if they ran into a strait by quietly doling out her share of the bill or even taking up the bill all by herself. ( Thank god she's a working wife. Otherwise all commitment would be transferred to my account!).

Well, getting up to the revolving restaurant was itself an adventure. Being a Sunday night the whole tower area was crawling with people dressed in their Sunday best with cars parked quite neatly I must say, on all roadsides. Looking up at the tower from underneath it gave me an Avatar neck without a tail to balance it. Yep. I got a shot of the tower taken with my faithful handphone. (see pic). The base of the tower was thronging with people shopping at the souvenir shop and feasting away at the stalls of the Trengganu food festival . Some children were also enjoying tne pony ride or playing with the animal show. The F1. simulator fun ride shop was closed for that night. I never knew they had all the attractions there.

Up in the revolving restaurant, in spite of the endless array of scrumptuous food offerred at many stalls generating a gourmetic atmosphere and aroma, all newcomers seemed to rush to the slanting glass panel which gave a panoramic view of KL city bathed in bright lights. Some children were playing on the fixed dias while the dinner tables and chairs slowly and almost imperceptibly moved away from them (see pics). I joined the rank eagerly for this was my first visit although I had a hand in developing the idea of building the tower together with the late Tan Sri Mohammad Rahmat, the then Minister of Information. Civil servants never get recognized for their ideas once adopted by the government.

It was a joy to see the city at night from the tower. Stand back on the moving platform where the chairs and tables are and you get the feeling that KL City was revolving around you. The Maybank tower, the PNB building, PWTC and of corse the Twin Tower etc., all paraded by as if taking a salute from you. The light danced merrily and the dark night changed its intensity according to the strength of the luminance which penetrated it. For a while i was lost in the magic of a bird's eye view of the city in which I had lived and worked for years. It all looked so new and strange.

As i savor the unending plates of food which I filled myself or brought to me by my wife and kids, i couldn't help thinking how luxurious the life of the rich and wealthy must be. They have all the great towers of the world to visit and the creative genius of the best chefs to enjoy. But no. I'm not jealous of them. The luxury of the love and concern my wife and kids have for me was worth more than any material wealth and luxury could bring. I pride myself in being a father, standing as tall as the tower itself, as Kuala lumpur revolved around me.


Almanar said...

I can imagine that beauty. Perhaps one day ....

norzah said...

It gives a great feeling, Pakcik Al-Manar, a feeling of how small and insignificant you are in this great big world created by Allah. In the plane you don't see the earth and city revolving around you. Come over and we can visit it together - you need a few weeks reservation for a table.