Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warnings. Threats, and the Psychology of fear.

There are enough warnings and threats announced over the air and printed in the Papers to make everyone in Malaysia feel afraid come July 9. The organizers of Bersih 2 do not appear to be in any way willing to compromise with the Police or the government and reconsider its intention to hold the rally, nor are UMNO Youths ready to pull off their anti-Berrsih2 counter rally. Meanwhile Dr Chandra Muzafar has triggered another possibility bv insinuating that the Bersih 2 is related to and probably conceived along the lines of the mass protest movements against the ruling elites as had happened in the East African and Middle East countries.

Whatever the truth is, the planned July 9 rally and the planned counter movement are making everyone in Malaysia scared. Although the organizers of both groups ensure the people, the Police and the government that there won't be any hostilities or brutalities, it would be foolish to assume that when two cars collide there won't be any injuries, bloodshed or fatalities. It would only take some shedding of blood to start a panic and pandemonium in Kuala Lumpur, which could spread like wildfire throughout the country. The Police and the Armed Forces would then take over control and Malaysia. or at least Peninsula Malaysia, would become a Police or Military State.

If that is not bad enough, look at the other possible consequences. If the Police and Armed forces start using their arsenal of deadly weapons against the civilians, the self- appointed police force of the world will find it necessary to intervene in the name of protecting the rights and freedom of the civilians. Doesn't that sound familiar? Hey, we are also an oil producing country you know!

All these possibilities are not impossible. Any attempt by a foreign power to bring its military might into Malaysia might have friendly countries in the neighborhood, ready to provide a base for its military build-up. That's also a familiar scenario. And don't forget that Malaysia has also been accused of harboring Islamic militants. Under the wing of JI. There are all the reasons for a foreign power to intervene in the name of restoring peace and order, freedom and justice for the people.

Would the organizers of the intended rallies take all these into consideration. I can't uderstand why the Home Affairs Miniter is not taking any inititive to meet the organizers face to face and negotiate a happy compromise, instead of just letting the Police flex its muscles and issue all sorts of threats. I thought we are already mature enough as a nation to know that threats never work and will entail a lot of repercussions. Maybe the PM or DPM himself should take the initiative if the Home Affairs Minister is unwilling to so.

Or do we really want the july 9 rallies to occur in order to do some cleansing job before GE 13 or to show what can happen if BN is not brought back to power. The psychology of fear can only work temporarily and like threats will entail serious repercussions.

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