Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nothing is ever enough...

It's just a human trait that nothing you're endowed with is ever enough. You just keep on wanting more and more of it. The simplest example is, of course, money and wealth. The same with power, inflence, beauty, knowledge, love and sex. But it works the other way round in terms of the negative aspects. A little financial or property loss is already a disaster. A little pain or inconvenience is torture. A little disagreement with someone, and you hate or despise him (or her)! A lttle clumsiness on the part of someone is a faux pas.

Why are we human so prone to insatiety and hyperbolical tendency in expressing dissatisfaction. Especially when the former involves comparison with someone else and the latter involves a person we dislike. A lttle less of something becomes a great deprivation. Criticism quickly turns into vilification. All sense of proportion and fairness suddenly goes to the wind.

I think this tendency lies at the very root of societal and coomunal problems in a multiracial society like Malaysia. In the face of rapid economic development and tramsformation, hopes and expectations especially from the poorer group and level of society, swell like the rising tide. Nothing is enough to bring them at par with their richer and wealthier neighbors, not in a year or two anyway. Meanwhile the rich and wealthy will continue to amass more wealth while the poor lag further and futher behind, the heightened pace of economic development causing more dissatisfaction to the poor than satisfying them. The transformation to a high-income nation with the concomitent rise in cost of living, consumer prices , property prices, tax, rentals etc. will make the poorer lot more deprived and left behind.

As a result you suddenly have dissensions and protest movements all around the country as is happening in the Arab and east African nations. The government backed by the super-rich becomes beleaguered by the mass of dissatisfied citizens. Foreign powers which thrive on uprisings and revolutions in less than friendly developing nations, come in to help, and we have what becomes of Afghanistan, Iraq, and others yet to become like them. Just wait and see. The power that they have over resource-rich but poor and underdeveloped countries is never enough. Like the rich, they always want more and more.


kaykuala said...

Akhi Norzah,
The complexities of life in so many words! It is true there are things to do but not done. Those who can, like the world powers to alleviate sufferings would not do it unless it fits their agenda. In fact they promote sufferings and warfare where they deemed fit to match their strengths. A pity! The many others can only watch and pray!

norzah said...

That seems to be the tragedy of life today, Akhi. People only do something if it "fits their agenda" to promote their own ends. It's the materialistic philosophy pushed to extremism. The rich wants to acquire more wealth the powerful more power forgetting that the grave which awaits them is the same for the rich and poor with bugs and worms waiting to bore into their remains.

abdulhalimshah said...

We say it 17 times daily that we should go the straight path and not to be led astray. The infidels are those whose hearts have been filled with the greed for this world and all it's werewithals,but for us the penultimate is the Hereafter. But to cross that bridge we must be armed with deeds that are worthy to be called the Good and rid our hearts of The Accursed Satan. Those who are led astray and those who deny their Creator's Messenger shall take all from this mundane life and there shall be Hellfire awaiting them. They call themselves Superpowers but in reality they are trapped in their own folly and heightened by their craze for the World and wants to bring down everyone with them. We must hold to our Faith in HIM for it is our Salvation. We want the best in both worlds, but if we can't than pray to ALLAH that we be rewarded with Jannah through life in this mundane life.

norzah said...

Spoken like a philosopher and an ustaz, Akhi. You take my breath away with those powerful lines with profound implications, covering the deception of life on earth and the truth which must be faced in the hereafter. Thank you very much for the contribution, i supposed sent all the way from wherever you're now.