Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stalemate Again.

Yesterday the High Court ruled who the rightful MB of Perak is and today the Court of Appeal approved a stay of execution until the appeal is heard. Yesterday the rightful MB moved in and the contender moved out of the State Secretariat building, today or tomorrow the reverse movemnet will take place.

When is this political game going to end? Till the next GE is perhaps what Barisan wants while Pakatan Rakyat wants a quick by-election since it knows that the PR led govt will face a no confidence vote at the next essembly. The Appeal at its worst will give time for Barisan to rally its forces. Going to the poll now might be suicidal.

So many parties involving the political system and its bigwigs, the judiaciary, the royalties, the police and, of course, the rakyat are dragged into shame, confusion and distress by this political fiasco. Must Barisan drag it on with the appeal and later, a counter appeal perhaps? Will the delay tactic gain for them any advantage in facing the next GE?

There seems to be no way out except through a by-election. If BN can show that the 'transformation' it has been talking about has been undertaken and a new wisdom is being exercised in selecting its candidates this time around, there shouldn't be any worry about being defeated. Any fear to face a by-election can be interpreted to mean that all the changes the BN leadership has promised is only a ....promise. The longer it holds on to power in Perak against the wishes of the rakyat, the more 'unfair' and'desperate' measures will be necessary to keep things in order. It's the "damned if you do and damned if you don't" curse at work.


After following so many discussions and views on this subject with the resounding conclusion that Perak State Legislative Assembly should be dissolved and a fresh State-wide election be called, it is clear that
the BN does not want this to happen. If it does, even allowing Nizar to remain as the MB and allowing him to call for a meeting would enable BN to table a vote of no confidence and throw him out, since BN has the majority. Even Nizar does not want to continue as MB for he immediately arranged for an audience with the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly.

It's very clear now that BN wants the stalemate to remain with Zambry as MB,since it's not ready to go to the poll and losing a state-wide election now would be catastrophic.. Nizar, on the other hand, does not want to go back to the Assembly with a minority support and face the ignominy of receiving a no confidence vote, though this is a sure way of forcing the dissolution of the Assembly and requiring a by-election to be held.

How can we prevent both parties from facing disaster and embarrassment ( jatuh air muka) seems, therefore, to be the real question. BN has now even blocked Nizar's choice to call for a meeting of the Assembly and face a no confidence vote to force a re-election, since BN does NOT want it. He might have to appeal, just to face the Assembly and the inevitable no confidence vote.

Perhaps BN should allow Nizar to continue being MB and face the Assembly with minority support. Withholding a vote of no confidence on him would turn him into a joker MB. Otherwise, Zambry assumes that role.

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