Monday, May 25, 2009

The Key Performance Index (KPI)

Reading TS Koh Tsu Koon's progress report on the KPI in the NST ( Mei 23), I've a feeling that no real performance evaluation can be done even towards the end of the year. Any instrument that will actually place the Ministers and Wakil Rakyat under pressure to perform will certainly be thrown out. The tentative KPIs can certainly be blamed for any poor reflection of the YB's and YAB's
performance and more research be carried out to develop more reliable and valid indices.

Why not aim for a simple assessment in the first instance? What do we hope for a Federal Minister to do? Carry out the set objectives of a Ministry, formulate new measures or policy guidelines to deal with pressing issues which come under the Ministry's portfolio, improve on the facilities and services provided to the rakyat in specific areas of life falling under the Ministry's concern ( eg. education and training, health. consumers' welfare, public safety, transport facilities, community services and relations, housing standards etc.), maintain a close contact with the communities in his or her constituency, understand and indefatigably help to solve their problems, and fight for their rights.

That is already a high order. Ten indices measuring performance in pursuing those matters would be good enough to begin with. The more complicated the instrument, the more difficult to use, the more aguable the result. Use the 'kiss' formula ( keep it simple, stupid) so long as it can show the difference between a Minister (or a Wakil Rakyat for that matter) who is a 'deliverer' and a 'falter'. More importantly, a Minister or a senior public official who stumbles on his or her own faults or failures as shown by the KPI ( proven wrong by facts on the ground). should be taken to task, not just be kicked upstairs.

We wait to see the outcome of this daring exercise.

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