Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review of the Education System

The govt seems set to review our education system as suggested by the new education minister and DPM. We certainly have hundreds ( if not more than a thousand) of experts on education in Malaysia today, many with PHDs. There'll be reviews and more reviews yet the sucess stories of outstanding students are based on hard work and perseverence, irrespective of the what or 'whose' education policy we're following (Rahman Yaakub, Rahman Talib, Tun Razak. Khir Johari, Mahathir etc.)

What remains unclear now is with regard to the criteria for evaluating a good policy. What are the current goals and emphasis of such a policy? What kind of a future citizen or intellectual do we want? We hear frantic cries that he/she must be well disciplined, with a sound work-related knowledge, of sound moral values, computer literate, civic-minded, humane ( perihatin), motivated, patriotic etc. etc. How can all those be translated into educational goals that are most desirable and attainable? Surely the education experts and the public at large must be consulted to frame the policy objectives, in line with the paradigm shift that is designed for the country and nation as a whole.

Have the old objectives of creating an integrated Malaysian society through Bahasa Malaysia, inculcating a firm belief in Rukun Negara, moving Malaysians towards a restructured society without racial cleavages threatening to distrupt our unity etc. been accomplished in the 53+ years of independence? Have we produced big-hearted Malaysians who're progressive, responsible and
morally upright or greedy ones with self-interest becoming the prime motif of all actions? The foundation of an integrated and united society is laid down in the schools, colleges and universities. Is that fact appreciated and being emphasized in promoting and developing our institutions of learning or is the development of skill to compete and outdo each other being made the focus of concern?

Let's hear from the experts, not just the politicians with a string of titles ( including honarary Ph Ds) before and after their names.

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