Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stop Rising Cost - A good Key Indicator of Govt Effectiveness.

Since govt is working on the KPI for evaluating the performance of Ministers and all high-level public officials, we must indicate what are the primary concern of the rakyat which the govt must look into with all urgency. The ability of the officials to deal with such concern would then become a good basis for evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency.

In the context of current economic crunch, one of the basic concerns of the rakyat certainly has to do with the rising cost of living. Every effort should be made to reduce the rising cost of living by arresting the increase in prices of various consumer items.

Yet the CPI has gone up for the month of April by 3.5 % while the price index for food and drinks (not including alcohol) went up by 7.5%. And there's talk about fare hikes in public transportation while the rates for utilities have been trying to push up. Even the price of gas might have to be increased soon. What about the prices of books and clothings? Has the govet checked these to see if they can be brought down because the public is now more careful with their money.

Efforts by relevant Ministers and public officials in this direction should be given prominence in the KPI. Let's hope that the KPI will not revolve around improving the image of the party, promoting high-visibility projects with dubious returns and delivering blistering salvos on the opposition. What's most important now is to check rising prices of goods and services, and ensure that peoples' income will not suddenly take a dip or disappearly entirely due to retrenchment.

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rambomadonna said...

Yes, the relevant ministries should look into this matter closely. Cos my cost of spending has increased too hehehe