Monday, March 2, 2009

Anxious Month

Malaysians be must very anxious this month, waiting for the Abdullah-Najib transition. And what a time for a change when the economy is in turmoil, politics is at its worst in terms of moral turpitude, assemblymen ( and women) are disappearing or (allegedly) being offered big money to crossover, the authority of the Sultan is being challenged, and the rights of the Muslim's are being trampled on by the superpowers. The transformation of the ACA into a Commission seems to place the decision to prosecute or not on a number of Commisioners. Will that ensure speed and justice or delay the process while the former ACA DG
seems to be free to make prejudicial statements.

I think a lot will happen this month. Malaysians must remain calm and cool, and let the show roll on. LETS WAIT N SEE, for ultimately the people must decide for themselves. The politicians are only powerful until the next call for election. Let us, the common people, sit in judgement while the politicians do their battle. This will enable us to make a better choice of leaders in the next poll.

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