Monday, January 5, 2009

The Gaza

Tun Dr Mahathir's comments last night ( 5.1.2009) about the situation in the Gaza, brought me to this blog after a long hibernation. After saying that the Israeli's bloody and destructive aggression into the Gaza ( 560 dead and 2400 plus injured so far including innocent children) had the support of the US and UK, that the Muslims countries had no way of forming an armed pact to stop the aggression and Obama himself would not survive without giving his support to Israel, T.D. Mahathir concluded that "there's no alternative but for the armed terrorists to continue fighting for the rights of the Palestinians."

For a very sharp and resourceful ex-Premier to say this is very disheartening. He further said that the OIC could do nothing but protest to the UN which could do nothing. He also said that the Arab World and the oil producing countries would not use their oil to go against the US. This is like pronouncing the death warrant for Palestine and later, Islam. And the sad thing about it is that T.D. Mahathir is probably right.

So what can the Muslim world do? Nothing at all? Just boycott US' goods or throw our shoes at the US President ( Bush perhaps but not Obama).

I think the Muslim world and Muslims all over the world can do more than that. The Israelis are not Christians.Their influence or power on the Christians in the US and UK is based on the financial strength of their business Mafia in those countries. Both are now in the worst kind of financial trouble they had ever faced. The Arab oil Mafia are now the strongest in the world. Can't they do something to influence the US and UK? Are the Muslim intellectuals too dumb to suggest something that can be done
to use the petrol dollar to good use, in the name of Allah!

I wouldn't pretend to be able to suggest anything at this point. Let the Muslim scholars put their mind to work, to bring out the wisdom of the al-Quran and Hadith to good use, to save Islam and the Muslims from a terrible shame and a terrible defeat. Don't just say Allah is Great. Prove it through the actions of His abid - His faithful followers, to lend support to the freedom fighters or Mujahideens. Terrorism is certainly NOT the way. Find an alternative which can be more acceptable to the western world,


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