Monday, March 2, 2009

The Ugly Muslims.

I've finished reading Jack Higgins' Rough Justice, and couldn't help feeling that all Muslim characters are seen as murdering rouges by western writers. Fahy, Hassim. Ali Hassim, Selim, Abdul, Ayeshah etc, are all brutal killers who'd shoot, slice a neck or stab a human chest without betting an eye.Al-Qaedah and the Brotherhodd of God are portrayed as most ungodly. Is it any surprise that all the western countries are siding with the US, UK and the EU countries( and all supporting Israel), against the Palestinians, the Hamas, Lebanese Muslims etc. in determining the conditions for peace talk.
The novels are read by millions. What can a half hour or less meeting with the western world leaders do to explain the Muslim's pov by OIC politicians?

Malaysian Govt and other rich Islamic Govts too should commission writers to write mind-boggling novels to show the Muslim's cause and present god-fearing characters ( not necessarily Mullahs and Ustazs) as heroes or co-heroes. A good, readable, entertaining, page-turner novel. readable by western readers would be worth more than all the money spent on negotiations and
seminars to explain the Muslim's plight and sufferings, especially in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. Why would the the western readers and tv-watchers watch scenes of murder and brutalities brought upon Muslim women and children ( the men are all rouges and terrorists!, when they Muslims as a whole are seen as ugly barbarians and ungodly. Only good, entertaining and mind-blowing novels, showing some of the ugly scenes behind the President's and Prime Ministers offices in the western world
as also shown by Jack Higgins' novels and those of other writers, would set the world-view of Muslims in the right perspective.
The money-seeking Muslim OPPORTUNISTS, SPIES, DOUBLE-DEALERS, AND VILLAINS in the novels and terrorists' acts ARE NOT TRUE MUJAHIDEENS, or jihad fighters who only want justice for their oppressed and deceived brothers, even at the cost of their lives.

Put the millions spent on useless or fruitless negotiations ( at very expensive places and luxurious living) on powerful writing to psyche and pry open the closed western mind, appeal to their conscience through a creative and intellectual expose of human lives, stop cursing the west and bemoaning the Muslim's fate, and we may make more progress towards human understanding. Let even western authors participate. They need to do research to write the novels and doing research is the best way towards a full understanding of a situation. If money talks let it talk to create literary works that can appeal to the literary mindset of the west - but pay as well as they do for their creative writing. Pay with peanuts and you only get the monkeys. Government must take the lead in this venture or INVESTMENT IN HUMAN UNDERSTANDING.

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