Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Line-up of UMNO Leaders.

The waiting to see who will lead UMNO after Paklah/Najib combination, is about over. The Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri leadership is already known. This post is entered to register a few concerns, hoping that they will soon be removed.

Paklah's legacy seems to have a chance to linger through KJ. Rafidah's going to end. Puteri shows a strong will to try out new leadership. If the DPM's role is filled up by a 'clean stalwart' with new brains in the Majlis Tertinggi, Najib's new line-up ( the saf) will be very promising.

Clearly, the shadow of doubts on those suspected of money politics, does not count for much. But, whatever the shortcomings of Paklah's soft-sell regime were, the concern for corruptions has increased such that no new leader would dare to be as adventurous as their predecessors. The rise of PKR could be a blessing to make sure that shadowy characters would not any longer flaunt their ill-gained acquisitions openly.

The economic crisis that we must face is a great challenge to the new leadership line-up.Let's see what happens after this 59th
UMNO General Assembly is over.

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