Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'M SURE WE'VE ALL BEEN FOLLOWING THE TRAGIC CASE OF NURIN JAZIMIN. She suffered the worst of what a tormented, sadistic, perverted criminal mind can offer, facing up to the most heineous of all sexual crimes, and showing up to all Malaysians what the most abnoxious criminal among them could do. Nurin showed up the the most evil criminal among Malaysians at the cost of her life, taking all the tortures and sufferings that such a criminal could deliver and won by attaining the ultimate peace in death.....

Yet....there are only sighs and groans of sympathy among most of us. From the national leadership to the common man-in-the-street. Yes, there's an offer of a reward for information leading to the capture of Malaysia Criminal No.1. But that's about it. We forget about what the little girl had suffered, and what she must have gone through to bring to light the worst of the perverted human minds and how helpless we are in the hands of such criminals, including the Police and the network of authorities that's supposed to safeguard the safety of our children.

To me Nurin died a heroine's death and the nation should be moaning her death with a full realization of the fact that the country had given birth to such a criminal, that such a criminal exists among us, and that our entire public security system has a flaw that needs to be immediately remedied. Shouldn't the policemen on beat in busy streets and shopping and food centres be also on the lookout for innocent kids moving alone in the crowd, ready to offer help and responding to any cry of help etc.,etc.? Shouldn't they be on the lookout for suspicious characters,,,or are they more interested in jumping on traffic offendersand petty law breakers who will ultinmately be nabbed....?

The nation must show its respect for the girl who became a sacrificial lamb for the laxity of parental care on kids, the flaws of our public security system and creating the style of life which creates such satanic criminals. Nurin should be proclaimed a national heroine for standing up against the most repulsive sexual crime in Malaysia's history and paying for it with her life.
Other children had also suffered and died as victims of such criminals but Nurin suffered the worst and will become the symbol of ciminal mental abberations and perversion as imposed on a young and innocent girl.

The ability of this country and its people to revere her memories and honour her death will indicate the extent to which this nation is committed to the eradication of such criminal abnoxiousness as suffered by her. In other countries people will
light up the candles and stand virgil by her grave to wish her peace and comfort in her afterlife. Over here it would be sufficient if a "majlis tahlil" is held all over the country to offer prayers that Allah may place her among the "syuhada". Nurin's death is, to me, more like that of a child-warrior who stood up to the satanic wrath of a "kafir", a convoluted and sick mind.
Her picture should be displayed all over the country as a reminder of what a perverted and sick mind can do to our children and our nation.

Let's all pray for her soul.....Alfatihah...

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