Monday, September 3, 2007

Allegations and Resignation.

The Japanese Farm ( Agriculture) Minister, Takeheko Endo, quit after just a week in office (NST Sept.4) acknowledging "inappropriate" conduct, following scandals involving party bigwigs. Prime Minister Abe's 1st Agruclture Minister killed himself over the allegations he misued public money.

As I see it allegations of corruption, scandals over misuse of public funds, misuse of authority etc are rampant in all governments - in U.S., UK, Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia etc.,etc. The difference is the parties who are subject of the allegation or scandal, often resign or withdraw from the scene, in their own honourable way. They don't even wait until a court of law convict them and are then "forced" to resign. In Japan of course, they redeem their honour in the most courageous way..

Elsewhere, allegations and charges can pour like a rainstorm. Until a court of law pounds the gravel and pronounces the accused ( if brought to court at all) "guilty", the dogs can bark at the hill as much as they like. The hill will not move or disintegrate. The barking will stop after the dogs are well fed.

I've read so many pronouncement of dissatisfaction, frustrations and accusations in both the media and the blogs over the week, both overt and covert. Some are fair but others....are a little over the edge. What we certainly need in Malaysia is a basis for measuring things quite objectively, so that broad negative generalizations can be avoided as much as subservient and sycophantic endorsement of futile efforts to achieve amorphous goals. It is always in the fuzziness of goal-statement that failures can be potrayed as success or vice versa. More destructive, people can be made to believe that pomps and grand ceremonies are the embodiment of success itself.

Well, as they say " Some people can be fooled sometimes..not all can be fooled all the times...!"

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