Saturday, November 12, 2016

An Ode to aTroubled World

(to the unexpected victor of power)

As in a tensed crowd
a child's prank can break the tension
so can a clown in a heated convention
for the unexpected is a cure for sure
at times when our nerves are shattered or sore.

Never a day in our life today
do the clouds keep smiling away
without news of human skirmish and bloody battle
killing people like chicken and cattle
without any conscience or fear of God's Oracle.

The fight for earth's room and human right
never has an end in sight
for our vision by desire prolonged
will never fizzle out until our minds go blank
and you disappear from the human rank.
Yes we fight in the name of country and people
upholding our faith and sacred principles
so do our 'enemies' if you care to think
for they must also live the way they like
and what business do you have to cause a break?

Let there be respect for human existence
no matter what colour, race, or religion
for the moment you raise a hand to stop an alleged threat
you yourself become a nasty dread
no matter how good the intention you had.

Do you think your help is ever appreciated
when what you take is more than any debt
and can your life be richer by intruding on others
to satisfy your ego and puff up you feathers
hence enjoy your good fortune and wealth
so that God may forgive your stealth.

Kuala Lumpur.

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