Monday, October 24, 2016

The Unexpected President of USA

Many in the US and throughout the world are shocked by Donald Trump's victory in the Presidential election. During the campaign he has been branded with so many insulting terms such as 'a know-nothing about politics and foreign policy,crude and harsh, has no respect for women, lies about almost everything etc. etc. Yet he won, winning over States that are known to be Democrats stronghold such as Pennsylvania. The US and world media are abuzz as regard to why he won although he was called a 'washout" by some.
the debate
There is now a wild protest movement in the US, rejecting or expressing anger at his victory. But what's the use? The people have voted for him to be President rather than Hillary. You can only remove him from the White House later on,if he proves to be incapable of running the country.
the protestmore protest
Meanwhile we in the developing countries can only express our amazement at the turn of event. Who are we to pass judgement on the Americans' choice for a President. What he said during the campaign can only be a provocation and a postulation to win votes. If he had said many nasty and offensive things in the campaign, that indeed was what the Americans liked to hear and so voted for him.
What we in the developing world can do is just state our hopes for what he will do, based on his election taglines. He wants to stop terrorism. So do we and it's not true that Islam or the Muslims support terrorism. He wants to do away with corruption. So do we, and very much so in Malaysia. He wants to stop immigrants from taking away the jobs in the US, deport them if necessary. So do we in Malaysia but thousands of foreign workers are pouring in. He doesn't want America soldiers to die fighting in foreign lands. Good. Take them all back to the US and let us fight our own enemies. He doesn't want foreign countries to market their products in the US.Good. Let the developing countries trade among themselves. He doesn't want Palestine to exist. He is not God and should only stop Israel or assisting Israel from transgressing into Arab's territory.

He wants America to be completely Americans as in the olden days. Good. Don't export the materialistic and capitalistic American culture that corrupts the values of the eastern world. It would nice to see the Hilly Billy and Amish culture in the US again. They are very nice people really.
the president elect
Maybe the so-called third or developing world can do better without the intrusion of the Western Cult as championed by the US.We don't really like the modern cowboys and their rustling activities. We don't want shooting-from-the-hips habit that Americans taught us. So, if Trump can "cleans" America and let the rest of the world handle their own problems without trying to become the world policemen, maybe the world will become a better place to live in.

So, hail to the new elected President of the United States. Use the country's wealth more for development rather than financing wars in foreign countries, curtail the activities of the CIA and all foreign intervention, maybe we can have more peace in this world, even if we're not half as rich as the US.

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