Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Malaysia: Everything Can If...

Malaysians of all races have joked about the slogan "Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can). In many cases it's because there are several things that government has done which they consider "stupid" or "foolish" and not in the interest of the poor and the lower-income group of citizens. Donations and gifts to high-powered leaders are okay. But to the underpaid public servants, even ten on twenty ringgit is a hideous crime called corruption.

There is a strong drive now to catch the erring public servants working in government agencies. But politicians whether  holding public office or not but reputed to have received millions or even billions as donation and "gifts" are enjoying a life of luxury and plenty. Mereka boleh.

Holding a protest gathering without an official approval by the police is 'tidak boleh' (illegal). But if government supporters like the 'red shirts" decide to hold such gatherings in the city, it's  boleh ( can).
They certainly would have obtained an approval from the police, if questioned. The police might even help to control the traffic.

There are indeed several things that can be done in Malaysia if you approached the right authority or person in authority. Some say, anything at all, if the powers that be is properly approached. Most important is to know who to approach. If he (or she) says 'yes', you're on. Many things that were before  considered as unnationalistic or against the interest of the  bumiputras have been done, with proper approval of course.

So, young Malaysians. this boleh land is yours to exploit as entrepreneurs provided you can find the right backing or be on the right side of the political road. Make a wrong move and you might find your
rights being withdrawn. You can even become an outcast in your one country.

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