Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bravo MACC…..

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission ia now really doing its work. Everyday new cases of corruption or abuse of power have been uncovered involving hundreds of million of ringgit stashed away by corrupted officials in various government agencies over many years. Interestingly, even the heads or even the political bosses of such agencies had no idea of the corrupt activities going on under their nose.
reality is often hard to believe
Can you believe that?

More interestingly, no political bosses had been discovered, investigated, brought to Court, found guilty of corruption or misuse of power and put behind bars. With two prominent exceptions as in the case of two former Selangor Chief Ministers. ( No need to mention names). All allegations ESPECIALLY INVOLVING THE BIGWIGS OF THE RULING PARTY, after a quick investigation, often end ass baseless. It looks as if all Malaysian politicians in the government are entirely clean. Only the civil servants and members of the opposition parties are the culprits.
bravo MACC
Although a few political leaders had been convicted of corruption in a court of law in the past or found guilty of money politics. ( i.e.. using money to buy votes), the latter is not considered a serious crime. The leaders involved are still venerated and placed in high offices, controlling billions of ringgit. It's as if we believe that thieves make the best money spinners for the agencies they control. Question is: money for whom?

It's amazing that Malaysia had been classified by some mainstream media of the outside world as a number one corrupt nation .Its leader, venerated by his supporters, is frequently and repeatedly accused of kleptocracy. Of course a party leader in a democratic country today can seek and acquire billions of cash as donations. Who can question from where and how or how much is spent? He is always protected by some Official Secret Acts. And his loyal supporters will always vouch for his integrity, or loose their jobs.
Democracy has been defined as a system of rule by the majority. But what is the majority really? Of votes cast by the people in a general election? What happens when only supporters of a party turn out to vote while non-supporters or the undecided refuse to vote because of alleged rigging, too frustrated with the candidates offered, or even threatened by the existing regime that unless they are returned to power there will be chaos and bloodshed in the country. Thus the supporters will put back their leaders into power, although they form only a minority of the population - thus creating an oligarchy in a democratic garb.
big nose but smells nothing
So, MACC. Do not let the full-force and timely crackdown on errant civil servants leave the political and administrative bosses of all government agencies involved or suspected to be involved, get away with the "I-know-nothing-abiout-it" excuse. The political or administrative bosses who don't know about corruption or misuse of power going on under their nose, must have their nose examined. And democratic leaders. Please don't allow a democracy to become an oligarchy by scaring or threatening the majority that there'll be chaos and catastrophe if the party in power, supported by loyal members whose number form a minority of the population,looses the next general election.

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