Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Mysterious Tragedy

The PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak had concluded that the MH370 ended its fight in the Indian Ocean, suggesting that 339 lives went down into the boisterous sea with it. A tearful gloom descended on the nation, bemoaning the departure of beloved ones with no concrete evidence of their demise. The objects identified by satellites in the area believed to be the watery grave for MH370 had not been positively proven to be related to the ill-fated aircraft. Not even any of the 122 objects recently identified.

Two primary questions remained unanswered.

(1)Why did the aircraft make a u-turn presumably to get to the nearest airport for an emergency landing - the airport being Langkawi International Airport? Is it due to a fire as a result of an electrical short circuit which required all power lines and the on-board transponder to be switched off, or there was some kind of hijacking?

(2) Why did the aircraft overshot Langkawi and continued to fly on autopilot until it ran out of fuel, assuming that the sudden descent from 35,000 feet or so to 5,000 was due to the intended emergency landing.

The questions will remain unanswered until the black box is found, or some kind of a foul-play is proven. Investigations are still going on and it's unfair to blame the Malaysian government or the authorities involved as inefficient in handling the investigation or hiding certain information.As it is Malaysia had released a lot of what would otherwise be classified information to nations involved in the search.

The scope for a suspicion of foul-play is endless. Planes have been hijacked for many reasons and not all mysteries are solved for hidden hands can remain unseen or presented as a helping hand.It would be too much for Malaysia to be involved in that kind of investigation. Helping the bereaved is the first priority. Let the international players handle the cloak and dagger issue, if there is one.

For now, there are still those who hoped that the plane has been hijacked and are kept in a secret place. If that is true and the passengers will be returned alive and well one day, we shall yet see people thanking hijackers, whatever price they seek for the return of the hostages, for saving their loved ones.

After all, the impossible can happen in international politics and power play.

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