Monday, April 7, 2014

Don't Know What or Who To Believe...

It's about a month now since MH370 was lost in flight. No wreckage or dead bodies or even some of the belongings of the unfortunate passengers had been found. Tons of information flooded the media, both national and international, but no solid info about the doomed plane or its passengers.

More and more people believe that the plane did not crash but was hijacked and kept somewhere. By whom and for what reason, God alone knows although conjectures are replete. The value of human lives seemed to be completely discounted in spreading the conjectures.

Back to the living, their problems and miseries, Malaysia is still okay. The worst of the dry spell seems over and rain has returned.However water rationing is still on, two days with water and two days without. Homes and families can perhaps tolerate the problem, though people living in highrise condos and flats will have a lot of difficulties carrying water upstairs. Splash the water around and the lift could jam up due to electrical short-circuit. The worst impact is of course on business people like hoteliers, restauranteurs, coffee-shop operators etc. Without water they can hardly do any business. Their loss due tonthe intermitten water supply could be tremendous. They should be compensated by the water company responsible.celebrating the rain

Of course the company will blame the weather. Who can stop a dry spell from hitting a country? That's a fair question. But why does water rationing go on after a few days of heavy rain? It must be due to the incapacity to step up the water treatment process. That's a problem of management planning isn't it? Let's hope that the new agreement between yhe Selangor State government and the Federal Government on water supply management can end the current indignation and misery.

The MH370 issue had of course put many national problens facing the country in the background, even if temporarily. The rise in cost of living and cost of consumer goods had been a growing concern which the BRIM handout cannot stem out. RM4.2 billion issued to 7 million people under BRIM 3 means that each recepient received about RM600 pn average. But many received less according to their eligibility. Did tne amount spent include the cost of administration? I wonder. Much of the subsidies deducted by government from its expenditure seems to have gone to the BRIM payment which some ex-national leaders described as wasteful. With the money spent by government on searching for the lost MH370 with 239 people on board, accommodating, comforting and compensating the families of the unfortunate passangers Malaysia and MAS are certainly going to end up with a huge bill.guarding the coastal area

And now, trouble is brewing up in the east coast of Sabah again. The kidnapping has started again and more money will be needed to pay the ransom. Will the government resort to selling more bonds and the shares of goverment related companies to generate the funds required to meet its increasing liabilities? I wonder. The mass media is now so saturated with official and unofficial information that we don't know what or who to believe anymore.

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