Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Missing Plane Mind Boggler….

The attention of all Malaysians and kind-hearted sympathisers in fifteen nations (including countries whose citizens were among those on board) has been focused on the missing MH370 for over ten days now. The most advanced technological know-how and aeronautic expertise have been utilised to locate the missing plane with some 230 people on board, without any success. With the exception of one Malay mumbo-jumbo expert (bomoh) called in to help out in the search, no paranormal psychologists or prescience experts had been summoned to assist. I am sure these gifted people can also help in some ways to give more focus to the search. As of now it had been moving around from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean, to the Straits of Malacca, to the Australian desert and God knows where next.some pray only when desperate

It's most amazing that human beings have been involved in space probes,microcosmic and microscopic research and research into the unknown spheres of spiritual life with some startling result. Yet the search for a missing plane continues to baffle everyone while the fate of more than two hundred lives on board hang in the balance giving nightmares to the bereaved relatives.Under the situation I for one would be happy to know that the plane has been hijacked and kept in a secret place with everyone on board alive and well. One might even consider granting the hijackers an amnesty with some rewards (especially for the pilots and his assistant) if all the people on board are returned safely to their families….the anguished relatives

This exasperating drama and unsolved mystery with more than 230 lives at stake, had however proved that people in many countries and of all races can work together, share information and trust each other, in spite of the differences in their political belief and faith. The amount of theories and speculations put forward, attests to the fertility of the human minds when agitated by a human tragedy. Yet when agitated by national and political interests, nations and people in the same nation can go for each other's throats and kill without any mercy or compunction, especially with the help of the advanced technology (in weaponry and armament) which they had developed.waiting for the loved ones to return

How unthinking and capricious can the human beings be! We readily mobilised national assets, human power, and expertise to save human lives,but can waste them mercilessly because of a transient political dogma, a wacky political or military leader, and the powerful, brainwashing media.How pitiful….how stupid sometimes.

So let us intensify the search for the missing plane and the lives involved, using all the technologies and human expertise we have. Let's have less talk and more work at both the manual and spiritual level, calling in all nations to assist in whatever way they can. If this exasperating and perplexing drama can help the nations of the world to get together and the people on board the plane brought back alive and well, it can then be considered as a God-send challenge to us human beings… The Malaysians have of course been traumatised by the incident and have renewed their faith in the will of the All Mighty.

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